More than Dessert 

What comes to mind when you hear the word "Chocolate? " Well, if you’re like most folks, you probably think about a mouth-watering decadent dessert. What you don’t think about are cocktails or savory food items. 

Two people who thought outside the food box were Max Fichtman and Oded Brenner. They combined their names and talent to create Max Brenner, a chocolate shop. Marketed as "Chocolate by the Bald Man," Max Brenner has grown into a chain of restaurants featuring chocolate as one of the ingredients in many of the menu items, including cocktails. 

Max BrennerCredit: Introspective Pics.

Chocolate Cuisine 

Max Brenner has created an eclectic menu featuring chocolate, including cocktails and "aphrodisiacs." Some of the unusual and popular cocktails, which all ininclude chocolate, are; “Satisfaction Guaranteed,” a mixture of ingredients including caramel liqueur; "Mocha Madness," this beverage includes Kahlua and fresh brewed espresso; "Berry Lovely," this thirst quencher is made up of several ingredients, including acai berry, and fresh raspberry sauce; and the "Classic Chocolate Martini," this delicious thirst quencher is a twist on the Martini, with milk, Absolut vanilla, baileys, and Kahlua. 

Many of the food items are just as unusual and exciting as the cocktails. For breakfast enjoy "Illegal Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate Pancakes" with 60% dark coco truffle cream, pure milk chocolate shavings, spiced pecans, and caramelized bananas. Or enjoy some "Chocolate Cheesecake Crèpes,"  with toffee bananas and dark caramel drizzle. For lunch you should try the Brenner Burger, served with waffle fries dusted with chili and cocoa powder. For dinner enjoy the "Yummy Baja Style Fish Tacos," three stuffed corn tortillas and mango slaw, served with rice and beans. You can also indulge in the "Black and Tan Beer Battered Vidalia Rings" with Dark Chocolate Ranch Dressing.

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Chocolate Beverages 

Enjoy a yummy beverage with your meal, hot or cold, the choice is yours. If you want to warm your tummy try the hot coco with "white marshmallow pillow floats," or the "Do-It-Yourself Hot Coco with hard lava chocolate chunks and volcano milk." Better yet, try the "Noisy Hot Chocolate with crunchy magic waffle marbles." 

If it’s a cool drink you’re after, try the "Milky Way Shake" or the "Cookie Shake." There is also a "Peanut Butter and Chocolate Milkshake" specially made for children. 

Hot ChocolateCredit: Introspective Pics.

Chocoholic Retreat 

Once you have finished the main portion of your meal it's time for the fun to begin . . . dessert! The following are just a few of the unique and sometimes decadent desserts you can enjoy at Max Brenner. 

Imagine enjoying a chocolate burger with strawberry ketchup and vanilla cream mustard or a chocolate Bagel with peanut butter, or hazelnut praline and a whole candy bar melted inside. Or maybe you're in the mood for a chocolate pizza with melted milk and white coco meteors and an ice cream snow ball, with an option to also have melted campfire marshmallows. 

For the ultimate chocolate lover, you can have your own "Huge Chocolate Syringe" filled with a chocolate potion you can squirt directly into your mouth. The folks at Max Brenner claim; "Max's kingdom is the only place in the world where this is permitted." 

Chocolate SyringeCredit: Introspective Pics.

I Do Fondue 

If fondue is your thing, the bald man has quite a selection. The "Sharing" is for two or more and comes with the following treats; Tutti Frutti waffle, fluffy sponge cake, banana tempura, milk and white chocolate "bark," fondue with market fruit and marshmallows. This delicious fondue is served with your own grill and creamy pure chocolate sauce to roast and dip, plus crunchy wafer balls and sauce on the side to pour. 

Next, the "Classic European Fondue" is for two or more. It is served with your choice of two chocolate sauces (pure milk, dark, or white), served with toffee sauce, bananas, strawberries, chocolate chunk cookies, marshmallows and fluffy sponge cake for dipping. 

If you're a banana lover you have to try the "Banana Tempura Fondue." This fondue is served with warm and crispy banana bites, and toffee sauce. 

This next fondue can give you a sugar high. Try the "Crystal Sugar Churros Fondue." This treat is made with muddled raspberries, warm toffee sauce, and your choice of milk, white or dark chocolate fondue. 

This last fondue will take you back to your camping experiences. The Urban S’mores fondue for two or more is served with Graham crackers, marshmallows for grilling, and banana toffee.

Fondue(121177)Credit: Introspective Pics.

I Scream for Ice Cream 

If you prefer to have a cool treat, consider the “Max I Scream” selection. The first thing you must try is the "Fantastic Popsicle Chocolate Fondue." This is a delightful vanilla ice cream Popsicle that you can dip into pure melted chocolate. But it doesn't stop there, you can then dip your chocolate dipped cone into some crunchy wafer balls and/or candied hazelnut crunchy bits. 

If you're more of a sundae person, try the "Euphoria Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge Sundae.” Made with "deep chocolate peanut butter" ice cream, dulce de leche ice cream, caramelized toffee bananas, spiced peanuts, pure chocolate chunks, and topped with whipped cream and crunchy hazelnut bits. If that isn't enough, this tasty ice cream sundae is served with warm chocolate peanut butter and a chocolate milk ganache. 

Finally, enjoy the "Spectacular Melting Chocolate S'mores Sundae. This flavorful dessert is made with milk chocolate ice cream, pure vanilla cream, milk chocolate fondue, pure chocolate chunks, marshmallow fluff and whipped cream. The sundae is garnished with a toasted marshmallow and served with white chocolate ganache. 

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Chocolate Party 

What person, child or adult, wouldn't love to have a party where the guests can indulge in their favorite dessert treat, chocolate? At Max Brenner you can have a "Max's Palace Famous Chocolate Mess Party" and enjoy a "warm chocolate mud cake in a chocolate swimming pool, whipped cream mountains, ice cream bowling balls, chocolate rocks and toffee sauce from candy bees." All this is served with bananas or strawberries "from the rainbow fields." 

Max Brenner BagCredit: Introspective Pics

Location, Location, Location 

There are several "Chocolate by the Bald Man" Max Brenner locations throughout the world. In the USA you will find these chocolate shops in Boston, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, and New York. 


Chocolate by the Bald ManCredit: Introspective Pics



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