There's only one thing I love more then the winter holidays, chocolate. There is nothing better then laying next to a cozy warm fire when it's snow while drinking a steamy cup of hot chocolate. Chocolate is such an important part of our Christmas tradition. It makes the perfect stocking stuffer, and nothing says I love you then a box of assorted beautifully decorated chocolate truffles.

With everyone buying chocolate during the seasons you need to stay ahead of the game. There is no better solution after a day of work, holiday shopping and chaos then milk chocolate energy with a caffeine boost to keep you going! Energy chocolate is one of the latest craves. There are many occassions where we don't have time to order or make coffee, which s is why caffeine chocolate has become so popular. Esspecially with the holiday season where every boost counts! Now finding these delights is no easy tasks. Only specialty chocolate stores cary them, so don't bother looking at your local grocery store. You can however order them online through many online chocolate marketplaces. During this upcoming holiday season I recommend you take a look at many of the specialty chocolate stores online, there you can find a wide variety of chocolate gift packages and cocoa you can't find anywhere else.

The great thing about chocolate is that it makes the perfect gift for any age, young and old. It is what makes our holidays so special and brings us all together. Make sure you don't leave out one of the most important gifts, holiday chocolates. One of my fondest memories as a child was the big box of chocolates my parents would keep out on the table. We would always try and sneak away chocolate truffles whenever we thought we could get away with it. Of course we usually got caught and ended up in timeout with a spanking or two but it was well worth the punishment. My favorite stocking stuffer as a child is definately chocolate christmas trees and Santa's wrapped in foil. With chocolate being such an important part of the holiday season, don't cut yourself short. Endulge yourself and your loved ones and make those special memories count.