Is this the first time you heard of such thing as chocolate addiction?

Do you wonder if you have such an addiction?

It is natural for most of us to love chocolate. We give chocolate as gifts so many times in our lives. It is a must in festive occasions.

We cannot imagine a Christmas without chocolate. We cannot imagine children celebrating birthday without chocolate.

However, chocolate addiction is an entirely different matter.

Are you a person who eats chocolate everyday? If you are, you are at risk of becoming one. The likelihood is that you are suffering from chocolate addiction now.

Why is it so risky?

Most of us enjoy milk version rather than the sugarless version. When you eat sugarless version, you find it rather tasteless.

You like the sweetness of the normal chocolate. You enjoy it in different forms. As long as they contain sugar and milk, you like them very much.

Some women use chocolate as a comfort food. When they feel stressed, they buy a bar. They eat without a care about their health or weight.

They eat because eating brings much happiness to them. They eat to forget their problems. They even enjoy the heavenly mixture of coffee and chocolate.

They reason that they are eating healthy food. It is true that both coffee and chocolate have many good properties.

However, too much of a good thing is never good. There is a strong link between chocolate addiction and obesity.

It is not the cocoa that makes a person fat. It is the high sugar content. The problem is that both sugar and cocoa are addictive.

Some people crave for sugar everyday. You do not know how much sugar you eat everyday since nearly all the processed food contain sugar.

Even a bar of chocolate contains enough sugar to make you fat if you eat it everyday. You cannot lose weight successful if you keep eating a bar of it everyday.

Chocolate addiction is a stage when you cannot live without it. You cannot imagine the refrigerator without it. You cannot imagine the day when the supermarket stops selling this product.

You cannot imagine having to stop eating it for the next week. You must have it for afternoon tea time. You want to enjoy it after a stressful day in the office.

You store some in the office drawers. You buy a lot when you do grocery shopping. You never travel without it, knowing that you will need it when you are waiting for the train or plane.

This is chocolate addiction. It is easy to get hook to it, but it is never easy to break free from it. After all, you do not have to pay a high price for it. You can see it selling in nearly every part of the world.

Chocolate is available in every form, size and shape. You can eat it, drink it or cook it.

You need to remember that moderation is the key to good health.

Chocolate addiction is strongly linked to obesity. You can ask a hundred persons who are obese, and find out how many of them do not like chocolate.

It is hard to find even ten out of a hundred. Even if they do not eat chocolate every day, they definitely love chocolate.

Chocolate addiction leads to obesity. It is best to moderate your consumption, so that you can enjoy it without fear of endangering your health.