Edible Board Games

Chocolate Game EditionsAll of the popular board games that we know and love have chocolate playable versions. Everything from Trivial Pursuit to Monopoly can be played and enjoyed using chocolate tokens. Best of all is the chocolate chess game because you can eat the chocolate chessboard too. Dark, yummy squares or white chocolate ones are your choice but I have seen a rose tinted chess board made from chocolate too. The fascination for games you can eat seems to stem from the fact that many people love chocolate and those same people like playing family board games too. What better idea than to combine the two. Years ago we have a bowl of candy beside the (current) family favorite board game as we played but now you just eat the game when you have finished playing.

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Chocolate Monopoly

Certain times of the year like Christmas and Easter are susceptible to 'chocolat' overtures and many choc Santas and Easter Bunnies are consumed. There is no longer any need to wait on a festive occasion to enjoy a delicious melt in the mouth delight because you can play a game of Monopoly with the kids and then eat the game itself.   You will love the chocolaty play tokens, chocolate houses and hotels and it seems almost a shame to eat them, but you will enjoy them just the same. The Chocolate Monopoly Mini Game (only 12 properties are used) has more than 30 edible parts.

Chocolate Scrabble

With Scrabble the letters are chocolate tiles which are about 4 times larger than real Scrabble letters so you get a nice chocolaty bite for each letter tile token. There is a small chocolate trophy for the winner too. Unlike the chess set in the image you cannot eat the play board which is a replicated section, more than half the size, of a real Scrabble set. The chocolate letter tiles are wrapped so can be handled a lot before being opened for consumption after game play.

Chocolate Chess

I have to say that this is my favorite  game that you can eat. There are plenty of pieces for a start. I love white chocolate and with 16 chessmen made in white (or sometimes milk chocolate) I feel delightedly decadent when I play a chess match with this set. The added bonus, of course, is that there are 32 chocolate white squares to enjoy too. Not forgetting the other 32 black chocolate squares and pieces too. A full chocolaty chess set of good quality (as shown) uses the best chocolate and is very expensive and may cost in the 100’s of dollars. Some cheaper chess chocolate sets come with their own plastic molds so you can remake the chess men (pieces) with melted chocolate of your own choice.

Chocolate Battleships

This is the classic Battleships but with milk chocolate battleships used for playing pieces. My kids ate the ships in the first 5 minutes (it was too tempting for them) rather than waiting to sink them properly as per the game rules. Unlike the other chocolaty games this one has molds which allow you to make new ships. All you need do is melt some chocolate into each mold (allow to set) and, hey presto, the game is as good as new again. This is a major advantage over the other traditional family games  (in chocolate editions) like Scrabble and Monopoly because they are the play once only versions.

Chocolate Snakes and Ladders

This is not a full size board with 100 squares but it does go all the way to square 64, the winner simply eats the board. I am sure that they will share the spoils with their opponents. Kids (adults too) love chocolate playing games and Snakes and Ladders is one of the best. Even the youngest children can enjoy the game.

Chocolate Connect 4

This is the simplest of all the eating games because the piece shapes do not require any decoration or adornment other than being different colors. So you can use milk and white or dark and milk chocolate; so long as you have two different types of chocolate discs you can play Connect 4. Also possible with the exact same discs is the game of chocolate checkers (or  draughts) as the pieces are the same. All you need do for each game is draw a playing board on a piece of plain cardboard.

Chocolate Trivial Pursuits

The chocolate edition of Trivial Pursuit is again based exactly on the real game. The players ask each other trivia questions. In this set the question cards are the chocolate and the question is printed on the wrapper. This is similar to Scrabble with the letter tiles on paper covering the chocolate inside. If you know the trivia answer you can eat the chocolate, otherwise the question returns to the pile. There is a chocolate trophy in gold foil for the winner too. The more you answer correctly the more chocolate you get.

Chocolate Clue

The Clue chocolate has all the suspects, murder weapons (rope, dagger and candlestick etc.) and room numbers made in chocolate. There 33 chocolates in total (each one is over 1 inch square) and the rooms are pictured on the choc wrapper. Like most of the chocolate editions you get a scaled down playing board and fewer tokens. When you have solved the murder you simply eat the evidence and the wrapped chocolate suspects (Miss Scarlett, Colonel Mustard, and Rev Green etc.). Good fun game but, unfortunately, a play once version.

Chocolate Dominos

This popular game uses plain Belgian chocolate (or sometimes a milk version) for the dominoes. The domino dots are white chocolate piped pips. Exclusive sets are hand made with the finest chocolate but, like the chess chocolate can be expensive. This version is aimed primarily at the deal business sector for executives and the like. The chunky chocolate is more likely to be eaten than played with.

Chocolate PS3 controller

If you are not a fan of board games and prefer PC and online electronic games then all is not lost. You can get a chocolate controller for your PS3. Do make sure to look before you take a big bite of the controller as it is realistic looking.

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