Just like 'make it yourself' ice cream cones with all the fixin's, candy hearts, jimmies, M&M's, nuts, and fruit, candy bars can now be prepared at the whim of the individual palate. With over 90 ingredients to select from, customers can choose up to five toppings to complement dark, sweet or white chocolate bark sweets. All nicely tied up in pink and red paper for Valentine' s Day or birthday wish.

Chocomize chocolate candy bar

Three Columbia University graduates came up with the idea, when the one with the sweetest tooth accidentally left his candy store purchases of nuts, candy, and chocolate in the car overnight. Melted together in one goohy chocolate treat, Chocomize was born last August, just in time for marketing for holiday gift giving and solitary indulgences.

The chocolate bars sell for $3.85 for up to five toppings, and just like a pizza, the more toppings, the costlier. Businesses use them as corporate thank-you's to clients, charities can use them for fund-raisers, birthday and special messages can be included, and they make great wedding favors, everyone likes chocolate, it's the universal food. Make a list and send one to all your Valentines. Chocomize with your favorite ingredients, add some pineapple or banana chips to a dark chocolate bar, a little candied cherry, milk chocolate chips, and top with miniature marshmallows and you've got a 'banana split' Chocomize treat. Customers' own original Chocomize creations are added to the web site on a regular basis.

Each custom bar is made by hand of premium Belgian chocolate and delivered within a few days. And just as customers can select the ingredients for their candy bars, they can also select the charity that a portion of each sale is sent to. Last holiday season, the fellows at Chocomize sent a great number of Chocomize bars to Afghanistan for our troops serving there. Why not order a favorite chocolate candy bar combination for each person on your Valentine's Day card list? Chocomize your Valentine.