So your beautiful home is nearly built and now you are left with the big decisions: choice of floor coverings for your home. Or you may wish to change your existing floor covering for something different.

What a dilemma with so many choices of floor coverings can be very confusing. Not only the choices for different types of floor coverings but the colors will need careful consideration.

You will need to consider the type and color of drapes in each room. For instance a room with heavy dark drapes may need a lighter colored floor covering. I suggest that you consult an interior decorator or at least look on the internet at a variety of interior decoration ideas before you start outlaying hundreds of dollars.

A little information before hand can and will save you from making costly mistakes. Also something that looks great on a small tile or swatch of cloth may look entirely different in the room itself. So take your time and ask others how they made these decisions.

The size of a room can also make a difference to the way you decorate your home. Some colors make a room look larger, whereas others give the illusion of minimizing the size. Learn how to mix and match with what works and what does not with draperies, carpets, and cushions.


The first thing you need to ask is, does anyone in the family have any allergies? If you have anyone with asthma or allergies to dust then carpet floor coverings are not a good choice. If you have pets it is especially hard to remove their fur from the carpets. Tiles or polished wooden boards may be a better choice to avoid these allergies.


Carpets are a good choice for the bedrooms it keeps the house warmer in the winter and feels great to walk on barefoot.

You can choose either a cut or loop pile. The cut pile is short and stands up whereas the loop pile has individual strands that are pulled through from the back forming a loop on the top. This is better for a higher traffic area.

Price is another thing to consider, I can only suggest that you choose the best ones that you can afford. A wool carpet is better than a synthetic one and is more durable. For the real high traffic areas I would advise using a nylon carpet fiber.

tilesTiles and Slate Floor covering

You will spend many hours walking on your kitchen flooring, so bear in mind the amount of spillage and children running in and out of that room. You could choose an easy to clean and hard wearing surface like slate or tiles. Tiles and slate will be more expensive although more durable.

These are used more and more in the open living areas as they are so easy to clean. Cool for the summer then you can scatter a few rugs in the winter months for extra warmth. Slate tiles may be sealed with a satin or gloss finish. Keep in mind these look beautiful and shiny when first sealed (if you choose the gloss) although they need to be stripped and resealed every two or three years to keep them looking great.

Choose a tile where the color goes right through the tile when buying tiles. So many times I have seen where people have dropped something on a tile and the chip shows clearly because the tile is a different color under the surface. If necessary pay a little extra to prevent this problem.

Porcelain tiles for bench tops.

We have these on our kitchen bench tops. The only problem we have is keeping the grout clean. If I was choosing a bench top now I would select a marble top instead as those are a complete surface without cracks that encourage the dirt.


Linoleum and vinyl floor covering have no grooves so are easier to keep clean. These are more economical and hard wearing and warmer for the feet.

Linoleum comes in a variety of colors and patterns, the pattern will not wear off with the inlaid linoleum. Vinyl often comes in a sheet or tile form with pattern or embossed finish. It is available in a variety of thicknesses. Tips- Linoleum glued to your floor is not easily removed.

Wood Flooring

Parquet Flooring- will add charm to your home, although like other floor coverings they need regular maintenance to keep them looking great. These are the most expensive of the wood floors. The actual individual tile finish makes it difficult to resurface. So you need to keep this in mind.

Hardwood- will add value to your home with a rich inviting look. Like anything the producers have improved the quality so that it can now be installed over a number of different types of floors.

Bamboo- This is not a tree contrary to belief this is actually a fast growing grass. It is ready to harvest between three to five years. It is another alternative to the hardwood floor. Bamboo not flammable and is Eco friendly and can be nailed or glued to flooring.

Garage floors

Why think of coverings for the Garage floor. Well because it is important to protect that too as we all know how easy grease and oil is spilt on garage floors and not easy to remove. Well there is a solution. Cover them with protective polyvinyl mats. They come in all colors and designs. Beware that dark colors will show the dust and light colors will show the grease and stains.

These are still a great idea because these are just laid on the floor and can be easily removed and taken outside and washed. This will protect the floor.

Remnants and Discounted Tiles

Watch out for specials, sales and discounts on discontinued tiles and colors. Also it would pay you to check out remnants of carpets. Quite often you can find these left over from bigger jobs. This way you can save money if you watch for special offers.

Final decision

Choice of floor coverings for your home can be very confusing so whatever type of floor covering you decide to use for each room, make sure you ask for color charts to take home and see how they will look in each room. It will be hard to judge from little swatches so bear in mind if you choose a dark color on the floor it will show dust. If you choose a plain light color it will also show spillage marks.