Christmas fabric can be the base of craft projects or gifts. You can also turn it into a tree skirt or decor. Really the fabric that you choose is going to determine your overall theme. You can always find these items at after Christmas sales. Then just store them away for use at the next holiday season; when you get them on clearance you can really save a lot of money. You can also repurpose a lot of the pieces and articles of clothing that you might already have and either turn it into something totally new or just give it a very thrifty makeover.

One thing that you want to consider is the use of appliqués. This is going to allow you to use a lot of solid colors of fabric. You could even make a Christmas quilt just by cutting out different circles and using them for snowmen for an easy patchwork effect. You can also just get a lot of totally traditional berry, holly, and snowmen prints. This is going to look a little bit country depending on the color palette that you go with. It's a whimsical style that can work well if you have kids in the family and just want a family-friendly kind of look.

Consider just going with more of the traditional colors such as red or green instead of gold. This is going to give a fresh look to your room and can also coordinate with some of the decor that you have for the rest of the year. In this case, you could just go for a red and white harlequin pattern. You don't even have to shop in the Christmas section for this. Depending on the silhouette that you use it can seem elegant and French or fun and country.

Plaids are also another staple Christmas fabric. In this case you are going to find a lot of beautiful and warm flannels or cottons. The really great thing about this is that often times just everyday plaids have both red and green in them as well as a few metallic threads. You can also try to repurpose some of your kids old Christmas clothes such as dresses that they have outgrown and turn them into decorations such as stockings. This is a free way to decorate but it just takes a little bit of time.

You can also just use basic decor fabric depending on your project for a unique and designer look. For instance if it's a very basic silhouette such as a tree skirt then you'll really want to explore a lot of beautiful chocolate browns or even a peacock blue for a totally unique holiday palette. It's also really important to consider the material itself. It seems very warm and rich so it's a perfect match for the holidays but it can sometimes be expensive and difficult to work with. This does add a very rich look to your room and it really doesn't have to have a pattern to it. There are embossed or sculpted kinds of velvets that you can use. Another option would be just go for a very opulent and rich look which is going to incorporate a lot of faux silk, satin, or taffeta. This is a way to really spend more money on fabric, but then you save on doing all of the DIY projects yourself.