Careers in Real Estate

When you choose to study Real Estate, you will need to know what titles are available and what each of these jobs entail. For the most part when you decide to go to Real Estate School, you will be asked what you will like to do in Real Estate and you will then learn what is available in that service or you will go to a specialized school which only teaches a certain amount of Realty specialties.

The most important part about Real Estate is to know which job you would like to do so that you can decide where you will go to school. The job that most people in Real Estate prepares to do is Broker or Salesperson (also known as licensee) which means that the person is licensed to sell or purchase Real Estate. The Broker is usually the boss of the brokerage, or two or more Brokers may be in charge of the brokerage. This means that the Broker is in charge of all of the contact between the buyers and the sellers for all sales, leasing and exchanging of real property. The Salesperson is usually a licensee which works in Real Estate under the Broker, his job is to represent the Broker in the sales, leasing and exchanging of real property.

The people who will inspect the property and see how much it is worth is the Appraiser and the Home Inspection professional. The Appraiser is the person who finds out how much the property's market value is for the seller, while the home inspection professional helps the buyer by giving them the visual survey of the property's systems and site conditions through an analytical report that helps the buyer purchase the property and the seller set a good price.

 The person or the company who is brought in to take care of the property for an owner is called a property manager. This person is in charge of the property and takes care of finding new tenants, they will also collect the rent, they will alter the construction of the new units for tenants and they will take care of the general condition of the property.

Other jobs that a person could do in the Real Estate profession includes the financing representative, the Real Estate Counselor and the Real Estate Educator. Each of these jobs contribute to the sale of property. The Real Estate Educator will teach the salesperson and the Broker who will sale, lease and transfer the property. The Real Estate Counselor will tell the person that the property is a good purchase or not which will affect the sale of the property. The financing representative will provide the monies needed to purchase the property, and make sure that the money is paid to the owner of the property.

Lastly, the people that create subdivisions and develop improvements on the land that allow it to be sold make up the last job available in Real Estate. These people create new homes and they make improvements to older properties that make the Real Estate ready for sale. These improve the quality of the property and ensure that the people love the property. There is also corporations that create these subdivisions or businesses that will be bought and sold by Real Estate brokers or agents.