There are many wall mounted changing table devices that you can buy today. Of course, the simple fact that you are interested in a wall mounted table is something that may be perceived as fairly unique by most parents around the world. Still, there are many great reasons to go for a product like this as opposed to a traditional baby table. Throughout this article I will be exploring the perfect changing table that will meet your needs and expectations, and more importantly your budget as well. Fortunately, there are many great appliances to choose from in a baby department. You will have no trouble finding the best for your tot!


An Overview So You Can Find The Right Wall Mounted Changing Table

Finding a good wall mounted changing table is very easy to do. However, it is important that you understand what makes a wall mounted changer so different from other similar products currently available. No doubt your search query has rendered you with the first major difference: you can mount this type of changing table to a wall, as opposed to having a bulky product that takes up a lot of space and weighs a whole lot too. Still, there are other factors you will want to take into consideration before throwing money out for any old product on the market.

For example, the wall mounted changing table that you will want to purchase will likely be developed out of form of hard plastic; unless of course you are willing to spend much more money for a wood alternative. In some respects, plastic can make you feel like you are at a hospital changing diapers on their extremely sterile tables. It may take a little bit of tweaking such as the incorporation of a comfortable pad and some other personal elements to make a mounted changer feel right in your home environment. Do not let this discourage you from looking in depth at these changing tables, though.

A reason I say that is because a wall mounted changing table offers one thing that many other baby products cannot: pure convenience. Few products that you can buy for your infant or parenting experience can be so easy to use and tuck away when it isn’t needed. Many, but not all, wall hanging changing tables can be folded and pressed up against the wall when it is not in use. This saves an exceptional amount of space, and frankly looks great. When you need to use the changing table, just unfold it from the wall and place your child on it.

One other thing you should consider regarding the purchase of a wall mounted changing table is added storage containers. Because of how these products can be folded, they tend to lack access to storage space. Some great products still include some though, like the Koala Baby Changing Station. This makes things all the more convenient on the parents, and is certainly desirable over purchasing additional storage space at a larger cost. With this information in mind you will be able to make a much better purchase that will fulfill everything you need from a baby appliance of this nature.

Find The Right Wall Mounted Changer For You

The Koala Baby Changing Station by the company Koala is a great wall mounted changing table that is perhaps one of the more affordable ones you can purchase. With this model, you can fold the table up when you do not need to use it, and down on the few occasions throughout the day that you need to change your baby’s diaper. This is a prime example of a wall mounted changer that you will want to purchase additional padding for added comfort, as the cold plastic build may not be the most comfortable in the world. Still, it is a great product all around in most respects.

One alternative you will want to consider is the Kinder Changing Table Wall Mounted Changing Table. My primary reason for featuring this product is that is made out of birch wood, and includes a good amount of storage space, as well as a changing table topper pad. This mounted baby changing table has very good reviews across the web, though the only real downside is the rather expensive price point it is being sold at. If you are interested in a product that is not crafted from plastic though, you will have trouble beating the quality of this product.


Finding a good wall mounted changing table is highly dependent on having valuable information to guide your buying practices. Hopefully the content provided to you in this article will prove to be a beneficial resource as you attempt to continue furnishing your newborn baby’s bedroom. Having a great changing table is really the centerpiece of your baby’s early life.