Although hairpieces have been widely available for women, hairpieces for men have recently become a popular item. Take a stroll through a neighborhood or in the downtown of both city and residential areas and you are bound to find many hair salons along the route, some offering hairpieces. In many urban areas, there may be several beauty shops within a radius of a few blocks.

The key to finding the best selection of hairpieces for men is to buy a piece with a good base. As with any great creation, the foundation makes all the difference in how the finished product will appear. Poorly made products may look good on the surface, but will fall apart if a sound structure is not in place.

The most popular materials used to make men's hairpieces are polyurethane, lace, nylon, or a combination of materials. Each style has its pluses and minuses, so interested customers should do thorough research online and find the most suitable option for their needs. Lace bases are widely used because they are very discreet, comfortable, and give the scalp a lot of "breathing room." Lace is very fragile, however, so these pieces must be treated very gingerly in order for them to last a long time.

Nylon styles are more durable than lace bases and provide men with great ventilation for their scalp. They are a little more noticeable than lace pieces, but still boast a natural look and may be easily removed. The hairpieces with polyurethane bases are arguably the most natural choice, but polyurethane is also less airy than other material. Male customers should decide what features would best suit them and look online for the hairpiece that matches their qualifications.

In addition to the base styles, there are also different colors and hairstyles to choose from so men can have the look they want. The Internet has a large selection of men's hairpieces to choose from that are durable, versatile, and attractive. Save gas, time, and money and get a do-it-yourself hair makeover without leaving home.