Hanging silk plants come in two basic forms: wreaths and the rest! Using high quality silk plants to decorate your home, inside or out, can add color and life to every room with everlasting artificial floral displays that will leave your guests breathless with their beauty.

Flowers make an impression - that much is agreed by everybody! However, real flowers have their drawbacks, and while by no means claiming that human artists can recreate the best in nature, hanging silk plants can overcome most of these drawbacks.

Real Plants are Mortal

You know the problem with genuine blooms and greenery:  they eventually die off, wither and have to be replaced. Today's plants tend not to last as long as they should because we are no longer restricted to blooms when in season - we can purchase plants at any time of the year, either forced or imported.

Live plants have a limited life and many imported plants are half-dead when you buy them - sadly with only a few days life left in them. Artificial plants do not suffer these problems because they will look fresh forever. They may even outlast you to be honest.  There are many different forms of faux plants available, including a wide range of hanging silk plants to bring life to your walls and doors.

Wreaths are particularly popular during the Holiday period, although they need not be restricted to that time of the year. Why waste a perfectly beautiful magnolia or Fall maple wreath by using them only in the 'right' season? Sure, such decorative wreaths can only be used in season if the plants are real, but why waste the beauty of silk wreaths if they will last all year round? Buck the trend, and deck the halls and walls with whatever you want at any time of the year.

Using Hanging Silk Plants as Your Decorative Theme

Not all silk hanging plants are wreaths of course, and you will find a whole host of artificial plants available online in the form of sconces, wall baskets and hanging baskets containing silk flowers of every kind imaginable that can be easily used as the basis of your home decor.  Every one of these would look fabulous on your wall, and you are sure to find something to suit your existing decor.

Why not take the hanging silk plants as your main theme? You could add related home accents around these.  If you are redecorating, or moving into a new home, take advantage of the permanence of artificial floral elements and choose these first. Silk trees for your patio and lounge, silk floor plants for any room in your house and hanging silk plants for your walls and doors. Choose your own decorative accents or use a Korean, Chinese or Japanese theme - three cultures in which flowers are notably significant.

You can choose a Fall theme for one room, a spring theme for another and a summer or winter theme for a third. Keep in mind that artificial flowers last all year round, so you do not have to keep replacing them as they wither. Unlike helichrysum, the 'Everlasting Flower', hanging silk plants are not dried-looking versions of the originals, but look like the originals in every way but touch and fragrance.

Add Fragrance to your Floral Home Accents

Nothing can simulate the natural feel and smell of a genuine rose for example, but you don't need that for your home. You can simulate the fragrance using scented reed diffusers or potpourri - OK the scent might not be that associated the specific fake flowers you have, but to be honest very few can tell the difference between a generally attractive floral fragrance in your room and the true scent of the species of hanging silk plants you have on your walls.

Hanging Silk Plants:  DIY!

Although you can purchase ready-made silk sconces from our website, you can also make up your own hanging baskets by purchasing individual silk plants. Rather than purchase hanging silk plants as a ready-made display, you can create your own beautiful hanging displays using these individual artificial plant stems.

We also offer a range of beautiful pots and other forms of container, although any type of hanging basket can be used to hold these or even to hold the plants themselves. You will have great fun choosing your individual silk flowers and arranging them yourself.  You needn't restrict this only to hanging silk plants of course:  you can purchase one of our decorative plant pots and fill it with any artificial plants of your choice to create a display that shows off your own artistry.