Credit: Africa Exclusive

Namibia for Luxury Safari Holidays

Many holidaymakers are now choosing Namibia for their well-deserved luxury safari holidays. Namibia is a country of stark contrasts, from remote sand dunes to game packed national parks such as the Etosha. Etosha is regarded as one of Africa’s best wildlife sanctuaries, it has shimmering salt plains and wild savannah woodland which is home to an unbelievable amount of wildlife. Grab your camera to take pictures of elephants, giraffes, lions, leopards and zebras when on luxury safari holidays. By venturing out into desert areas with a reputable guide you may be lucky enough to see springbok as well as elegant gemsbok. Once back in the savannah grasslands you might be fortunate enough to catch glimpses of endangered species such as cheetahs, black rhino or rare antelope like damara dik dik. Etosha is easy to visit, it has good road connections and many luxurious lodges within the park itself that offer great accommodation and the ultimate in luxury safari holidays.

Visit Damaraland in Namibia

When on luxury safari holidays in Namibia try to visit one of its most dramatic regions, Damaraland. There are harsh stretches of mountainous peaks and rugged semi deserts here also the area is not far inland from deserted beaches where you could possibly see dolphins enjoying the surf. The coastal region of Damaraland is known as a skeleton coast because of its shipwrecks, many tourists visit the coast to capture these wrecks on film as something to remember when they return home. Most holidaymakers choose to head inland to the barren desert areas of Damaraland in the hope of seeing the legendary desert elephants that have adapted to life there. This part of Namibia has an unforgiving environment and few resources, however these magnificent creatures have managed to overcome adversity in a place where very few humans live.

Accommodation in Namibia for Luxury Safari Holidays

Namibian luxury safari holidays act like a magnet to many tourists for its wild landscapes, abundance of wildlife and relaxing accommodation. Why not stay in a magnificent villa to enjoy the best of both worlds, a peaceful vacation with your loved one or family and friends in a remote wilderness area surrounded by life’s precious luxuries. Villa accommodation is certainly very comfortable when taking luxury safari holidays, for those chilly Namibian nights there are crisp linens and down duvets to keep you warm. Accommodation is spacious with open-plan designs that have many viewing decks for guests to relax on and enjoy the beautiful sights and sounds. Villas and lodges are perfect for individuals who want total privacy and solitude as well as exciting guided activities such as nature walks, game drives along with balloon rides too. Make arrangements for luxury safari holidays as soon as possible so you don’t miss out on the action and fun.