Install Schlage door locks for your family's protection.

For over a hundred years, Schlage door locks have protected our families and our homes. The family owned company was sold to Ingersoll Rand in 1974. This company continues to grow and manufacture a product that we can trust to protect our loved ones and our possessions.

In the past, home burglary crimes usually increased around Christmas time. Now, however, it is an ongoing crime, and home burglaries appear to be on the rise. There are many ways to help prevent a home burglary, and this article is going to give you information on one way. Install Schlage door locks, and put an obstacle in the way of a thief; you may convince him to leave your house alone.

What kind of Schlage door locks should you purchase and install to protect you and your family? Read on, for information about the different kinds of Schlage door locks available.

Schlage Door Locks - Single Cylinder Deadbolts

The Schlage door locks single cylinder deadbolt requires a key to gain entry to your home from the outside. Inside, there is a lever you use for locking and unlocking. This is a good deadbolt unless you have glass panels beside the entry. Since a lever is used for locking and unlocking on the inside, a thief only needs to break the glass, and turn the lever to gain entry into your home. This is exactly what happened to my family some years ago. A burglar entered our home by breaking out a glass panel, then he reached inside through the hole, and he turned the deadbolt latch, gaining entry into our home. This deadbolt lock meets building code regulations in many areas.

Schlage Door Locks - Double Cylinder Deadbolts

The Schlage door locks double cylinder deadbolt needs a key to lock and unlock it, and the key is needed both on the outside and the inside of the house. Schlage door locks double cylinder deadbolts are good to use when glass is in, or near enough to, the entry so that someone could break the glass to access the turn lever. Double cylinder deadbolt installation does not meet building codes in some areas. However, once you own the house, you can easily remove the single cylinder deadbolts, and install double cylinder deadbolts if you want this added protection. Caution - since one must use a key to lock and unlock these deadbolts, a key must always be readily available for this purpose. Double cylinder deadbolts can create a dangerous situation for children, or anyone, who cannot find the key in an emergency. If you decide on a double cylinder deadbolt, place a key in close proximity to the entrance, and always make sure it is returned to the designated place after it is used. Not having this key available could put someone's life at risk – please make sure a key is always available to open this deadbolt.

Schlage Door Locks - Keypad Deadbolts

Schlage door locks are also available with a keypad for a keyless entry. These deadbolts allow you to lock your home when leaving by pushing a button and turning a lever. To re-enter your home, you must enter a valid code, and turn the lever. Inside your house, simply turn the lever to lock or unlock. Since this lock can be unlocked on the inside by just turning a lever, consideration should be given to any nearby glass. If glass panels are near the deadbolt, then the glass can be broken, and someone could reach in and turn the lever to enter your home. Purchasing, and using, a Schlage door locks keypad deadbolt will eliminate the possibility of you locking yourself out of your home. Entry codes are easy to change in the Schlage door locks, and this is easier for children to use since there are no keys to keep up with. The keyless entry systems are good because you can allow entry to your home while you are away on vacation so a neighbor can keep watch over your house. Once you return, you simply need to change the code. Also, in case of an emergency, you could provide emergency personnel access to your home by giving them the code.

Schlage Door Locks - LiNK Wireless Keypad Deadbolt

The Schlage door locks line now includes the LiNK wireless keypad that enables you to stay in contact with your home via the Internet. After installing the LiNK wireless keypad, you will be able to connect to your house, and monitor who enters and exits your home. There is a monthly fee for this service, and that should be taken into consideration before purchasing this unit. This wireless keypad offers the same advantages of the above keypad, plus the LiNK wireless capability.

In Closing

There are so many Schlage door locks to choose from, but I am confident that you will be able to find the perfect one to help you protect your family and your possessions. If you want a DIY project, order your Schlage door locks, follow the instructions included, and you will be able to do the installation yourself. I like to DIY, and I changed two single cylinder deadbolts to double cylinder deadbolts. Both of these were changed due to their proximity to glass. Another single cylinder deadbolt I left, since there is no glass nearby.

Check out the entrance lock you now have; does it offer the protection you need? If not, then change out your old hardware to new Schlage door locks. After all, we need to do everything we can to protect our home and hearth. If you decide on double cylinder deadbolts, just remember that a key must always be available for someone to use in case of an emergency.

Schlage door locks are available at home improvement stores, or they can easily be ordered online. Your entrance lock makes a first impression statement about your home, so look at the many models offered, determine the style that matches your home, and decide on a finish. Place the order for your Schlage door locks today; when they arrive, install them, and know that you have added to the safety and security of your family.

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