Formulate Password creation, step by step to easy remembrance

Are you using the same password at each website or online service that you are using ? Are you writing down all the important passwords ( like Internet banking, PayPal, e-mail services..etc) in a diary and keeping it safe ?

If you answer 'YES' to one of the above questions, you are the easiest target for the hackers that are looking online for information / targets.

 Internet has grown to zillion websites. How in the world could anyone remember a couple dozen passwords for correct services let alone hundreds of them ??? Yeah, I can feel your frustration. I was in a similar state five years back when I started organizing all my online information especially usernames and passwords.

There are lots of software tools that are available but don't use them since they need one more password to secure other data. That is more like keeping all your secret keys in a single place. All your passwords will be as much secure as your password manager tool's password. You can't bet your entire security on a single password.

So, what can we do without using a password manager software tool ? There are few simple tips and techniques to bail you out and you never need to remember any password for your website.

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Jumping in without any more of the hype,  All you need to remember is a FORMULA.


A formula is nothing but a sequence you use to generate a password.  Lets say you are visiting your social networking account 'FACEBOOK' and you need to choose a password while account creation.


A couple of things that you need in order to construct / choose a simple and effective password are listed below : 

1. You need to remember your favourite number. ( no limits, could be 6-7 digits or more :) )

2. You need to choose a 4 character sequence like "abxy" ( only once for all websites ).


Choose a sequence of characters from the website name like last three, first four, characters in odd places, even places likewise. I choose the odd places and limit myself to four characters.

So, that gives me "fcbo" as the first part of my password.


This second part of our password is the 4 character sequence, something like "xxyy". Let this be my choice of characters.  this gives my second part of my password as "xxyy" (Please use four distinct characters as much as possible. This must not be your name's first four characters like paul, mich, smit...etc.) Choose something very hard to predict by anyone other than you. So, the second part of my password is "xxyy".


Count the characters in the name of the website. Here, we have EIGHT for Facebook. Add it to your favourite number. My favorite number is 25. So, 25+8 gives me 33.


So, my overall password is "fcboxxyy33". As long as you remember your formula, you can have hunderds and even thousands of passwords in your memory without writing them down or using the same password over and over again in all places of the internet. 

I would follow another trick to make it more difficult. "FcBoXxYy33" (Just capitalise odd characters). If you need a more complex password, you can CAPITALISE the alternate even charactersor every second letter in each part of your password or the last overall password. If you need a longer password generally, just increase the second part of your password. So, lets see what would be my password for the following websites :

1. Gmail - GaLxXyY30

2. Infobarrel - IfBrLxXyY35

3. Twitter - TiTrXxYy32

When you visit the site next time, you don't need to remember the password that you chose. You can generate your password as and when required like listed above, just by looking at the name of the website.

Please don't use the same password for all service from now on. Devise your own formula and you need to remember the formula and your favorite number and character sequence. It might sound odd at first but after a dozen websites your formula would be ingrained in your heart without you have to remember it. Then, it is a CAKEWALK to set & remember and choose tough to crack / guess passwords but are very easy to remember.

I use such a formula for all my regular website services like e-mail, gaming site passwords but I am not comfortable with using such a simple formula for my Internet banking, financial information..etc.

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So, I just increased the complexity of my FORMULA. As a first part of my password, I will write a basic sentence.

don't find out my password please

I took out the first letter of all the words(plz for please instead of just 'p') = dfompplz. You can try last letter also = tdtyde.

I change O with Zeroes, I with 1 or !, S with $..etc. but only a set that I am comfortable with. Alternate CAPITAL letters = Df0mPpLz.

Now, with  numbers I choose 5312. I insert them after every two letters. So, I get Df50m3Pp1Lz2.

This would be my complex password.

As I demonstrated, the more complex the formula you formulate, the more complex your end password would be. So, you can choose a FORMULA with the complexity that you are comfortable with. Don't use more than a couple of formulae at the same time. You will forget if you use more formulae.

So, as a thumb rule, use only TWO FORMULAE at a single time. One simple and one complex would be advisable. So, you never have to use the same password ever again with a simple FORMULA for the password. This works air tight for me for the past five years.

If you use a better method to remember complex passwords, please share them in the comments section. I would update the article with (of course) credits to you, with your tips to choose a password which is a CAKEWALK to remember but very tough to crack by guesswork.

Wishing you a secure future ahead with STRONG PASSWORDs.