The global economy is not doing well. Companies are either folding up or scaling down. Retrenchment and redundancy are again becoming increasingly common. So what do we do if we are one of the unfortunate ones given the pink slip?

True, this is not the best time to go job hunting considering the relatively high unemployment and underemployment rates. The fact is that good jobs are still difficult to come by. But especially for us bread winners we have no choice but to earn. Otherwise, what happens to our family?

But it is not the end of the world yet since freelancing and working from home is still an option. We do not have to be formally employed to earn a living. With enough skills, determination, some luck, a computer, and internet connection, we can get a home based job and make money. It may not be easy at the onset because adjustments will have to be made, more so if we have been stuck to a nine to five job for decades. But with persistence, we can regain our previous income level and still enjoy the benefits of staying at home.

Types of Home Based Jobs Available

Although not as plentiful and as wide-ranging as regular employment, home based jobs abound. Those with specialized skills like programming, graphic designing, and webpage designing can easily find income generating projects, which they can work on from the comfort of their home.  There are others that do not need technical skills like web content writing and data encoding. And if you want to take it easy, you can simply take part in paid online surveys.

Those who have experience working as a secretary can apply as a virtual assistant, while people who have customer service exposure can do work from home customer service jobs. And there is marketing related online tasks for those inclined in this field. Numerous companies prefer the services of home based freelancers due to the lower cost. And I think this trend towards outsourcing will persist.

Where to Find Home Based Jobs

Although jobs working from home can be found in the traditional classified ads section of newspapers, you are likely to meet more of them in online ads and job boards. Simply key in “work from home” in the search box of your favorite search engine, and you are likely to find hundreds of sites devoted to this. Many of these websites will give you tips and links to home based jobs.

But be forewarned that not all job posts are legit. Be wary of those that ask for placement fees, which are likely to be scams. And it is best to research on the client or employer before accepting an assignment. Unlike regular employment that is covered by a contract, a working from home online arrangement is oftentimes not covered by this legality. Hence, it will be quite difficult to make a claim if you are not properly compensated.

Choosing a Home Based Job

Your choice of home based job will depend on your skills and preferences. But if you have special skills, training, and experience that are in demand, it is best that you take advantage of them. This will make sure higher earnings on your part. At the same time, less adjustment will be required as compared to doing something that you have no background in.

It is good to have required qualifications beforehand. If some training or skills are necessary, acquire them before accepting the assignment. In so doing, you will be able to give positive results to your client, develop a good track record, and be qualified for better paying working from home offers in the future. So if one of these days you receive a pink slip, do not think that it is the end of the world. Take it as an opportunity to work from home, make money, and enjoy the fringe benefits.