Choosing the right carpet for your home is an individual decision and it is not easy to choose the right carpeting, because carpet buyers often face a lot of difficulties and questions when buying carpets for their homes.

How do you choose the right carpet and what are the most important aspects? Below you will find a selection of the most important aspects when choosing carpeting for your home.


Where do you want your carpet? In areas with high traffic, like living rooms, hallways and stairs, you should put a high quality carpet. Although the costs for a high quality carpet will be higher, this investment will pay off in the long run since you have to replace it less often.


How much money are you able to spend on your new carpet? Your budget will seriously affect the quality of carpets that you can get. Normally, a more expensive and better quality carpet will not wear and stain as badly as a cheap carpet.

Also keep in mind to calculate your budget for more than the size of your room, since you always will have to deal with areas in the room that have weird shapes or require more carpet.

Do you expect to stay a long time in your current house? If you're playing to sell the house anytime soon, you might want to purchase a good quality carpet, but not spend top money for it.


If you have small children, you might want to choose a carpet that is soft, so that they do not hurt themselves when they fall and allows them to comfortably crawl around the room. You also might want to choose a stain resistant carpet, a carpet which will last for years and years, even with little kids or teenagers around.


One of the most important aspects of choosing the right carpet for your home is the color of the carpet. This determines what your house will look like and also has influence on the value of your house. If you think you will sell your house anytime soon, then choosing a neutral color like for instance beige, blue or grey is the best option. These neutral colors are also the best option if you change the color of the room often.

Keep in mind that a carpet with a light color will make stains very obvious. It is easier to keep your carpet looking clean with a darker color.

Ask your local flooring company or carpet showroom for a sample to take home, so you can check in daylight and under your house lighting if this is exactly the color you want.


You can buy carpet at furniture- and carpet showrooms, department stores and flooring companies and some of these companies will come to your house, bring some samples and measure your room(s). If you decide to visit a showroom or department store, make sure to bring them your floor plan to show the dimensions.

Consider all of the above aspects before choosing, this will help you choosing the right carpet for your home.