Many overweight women discovered Miraclesuit swimwear to be the best thing since slice bread. These swimsuits create an amazing effect when wearing them, you look 10 pounds lighter! The fabric that makes this all possible is called Miratex and does not constrict the skin in any way. If you want to purchase a Miraclesuit you need to know what kind of bathing suit is matching with your body.

In need of answering that question we have to determine what kind of figure you have. Are you a woman with a big bust and small waist or do you have a straight figure? Understanding which figure you have is important because you then know what to accentuate or to hide when you choose a bathing suit. There are several choices you make when you are going for a swimwear hunt. One piece or two piece, tankini top, bikini top, bandeau or halter, decide which swimsuit type you like.

There are three body types that i chose to answer the question; the straight figure, the top heavy figure and the bottom heavy figure. I will go by them one by one and give some advice.

Straight figure - wide waist, small hips and small bust.
If you go for an hourglass figure you have to emphasize your breast and hips and slim down your waist. If you choose a dark colored Miraclesuit you can easily achieve this. Dark colors slim the body down. You can boost your bust by looking for padding in the Miraclesuit.

Top heavy - small hips, big breast.
When you have a big bust line it is important to have adequate support, so choose for a Miraclesuit with underwire. Many women do not like the attention they get from their big breast so to draw that away choose for prints along the waist and dark colors around the chest.

Bottom heavy - big hips, small breast.
Go for lighter colors on the upperside of the Miraclesuit and also look if there is a padded or even a push up Miraclesuit available. You can conceal your big waist by wearing a Miraclesuit swimdress.

I hope you now know which body type you have and have a good idea which Miraclsuit swimwear you are going to shop for. Good Luck!