It is not a secret that fitness and exercise equipment has become a popular item shopped for worldwide due to the high percentage of people with weight problems. With so many different types of exercise equipment ranging from treadmills to ab sculptors. While all of them serve a purpose, the weight training bench is a necessary piece of equipment used through strength training.

There are thousands if not millions of weight benches on the market, so the first task is weeding through the good and the bad. There are some factors you want to consider when purchasing a weight bench such as: quality, price, durability, adjustability, and ergonomics.

Obviously if you trust a piece of equipment to hold all of your body's weight while pumping iron, you want a reliable piece of equipment that doesn't break your wallet. The Ironmaster super bench is perhaps the most affordable option available to consumers with the best ratings. This best-in-class bench is fully adjustable and super sturdy, and offers attachments such as dip handles and pull-up bars. This bench retails for $289, but there are sites on the World Wide Web that offer discounted prices from $249 and below.

If you are in search of a bench you can use in the comforts of your home that folds easily and can be moved easily, then the Body Solid FID225 is for you. This low price bench has a built-in wheel feature that offers easy mobility and folds flat for easy storage. This bench also offers 7 positions of incline and can support less weight then the Super Bench, but is great for casual users. Originally retailing for $275 you can find this discounted for below $200 on sites such as

So whether you are the diehard athlete or a casual weight trainer there is a weight training bench out there for you. You don't have to have a gym membership or by a professional weight press to strength train. It is always a good idea to know your products reviews by previous customers before buying something you will regret, so do your research!