Six Bamboo Floor Lamps

I absolutely love the design of the normal bamboo floor lamp. The way the light comes out in a dim way through the paper is simply beautiful. You can have a couple around the room to give your home an authentically Asian feel. If you already own Eastern wall hangings and portraits, then you most definitely need a bamboo floor lamp that fits your home’s décor and design. And if so, then hopefully you will find this article most helpful for you. I’d like to show you an assortment of different types of bamboo lamps that range in price so you can better decide which to choose from.

All of these bamboo floor lamps can be found on Amazon here. It will take you right to the page you need to go. If you end up finding the perfect lamp for your home, then we’d love to hear your story and what you like about that piece. Come on back and leave a comment for others to see. You can also give the product a rating from 1 to 5 on Amazon when you review it there. Otherwise, enjoy these bamboo floor lamps!

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Tall Kojima Japanese Bamboo Floor Lamp Shoji Lantern

This piece of beauty is designed for the more traditional customer. The shade is made of square matchstick weave and stands about 67 inches tall. This piece is part of Oriental Furniture’s 30 other design of unique Japanese furniture. They produce hanging lanterns, floor lamps, Japanese-styled tables, and some lantern-lit furniture. Price: $169.00 on Amazon currently. Only 2 left in stock, so get one, or both, quickly.

Here’s what the last customer had to say about the product: “This is a nice atmospheric lamp that emits soothing ambient light. I think it looks great. However, I originally bought it because I thought that it might provide good ambient light around a tv and reduce eyestrain. The light that comes from this lamp seems too dim to make an impact on the tv viewing experience though. It's a nice lamp, but I don't think I would have paid this much money for a nice looking lamp if I knew what I knew now.” – Kurt W.

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3-Way Bamboo Floor Lamp with Bamboo Shade

This lamp isn’t constructed from bamboo, but its finish is. It also possesses a beautifully made bamboo shade. While looking like a modern floor lamp, this also incorporates the Eastern feel to the home. If you’re looking for a bamboo floor lamp while being able to become brighter than the normal lamp, then this is the piece for you. There are 3 settings on this lamp and only requires one 150 watt bulb. Let us know what you think of it. Price is currently $229.95 on

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63" Kamakura Japanese Bamboo Floor Lamp

And back to a more traditional style of lamps. As you can see, this light gorgeous with its rice paper shades and kiln-dried bamboo construction. If you’d rather receive more light from the classic bamboo lamps, then rice paper is the way to go. The Kamakura Japanese Bamboo lamps are also manufactured by Oriental Furniture and are high quality products. The current price on Amazon is $168.00. So it’s up to you whether or not this is worth the price.

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Gallery of World Accents’ Bamboo Floor Lamp

These legs are made of light bamboo and the shade is fossilized leaf, color blue. By the picture, you can tell that the legs aren’t completely straight, but resemble bamboo more than the other lamps. If you’re searching for something a little pricier with more design and style in the shading, then this is your choice. At $282.90 on Amazon, this bamboo floor lamp could be in your home soon. It’s about 72 inches tall standing straight up. There are two left as of the writing of this write-up. What’s you style?

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Koru Japanese Bamboo Floor Lamp

Oriental Furniture is on a role with creating traditional designs with contemporary methods. This is yet another great looking design while being completely inexpensive for these types of floor lamps. Following is a list of the features that Oriental Furniture explains about this bamboo floor lamp.

  • Floor lamp
  • Kiln dried bamboo base construction
  • Pole mounted with thick disc shaped wood base
  • Unique extra tall Japanese style lantern floor lamp
  • Handcrafted, fiber reinforced rice paper shade with wood collars
  • Triangle rung reinforcements
  • USA size light bulb sockets
  • Hand crafted lamp.

So if you’re in the market for a traditional-style bamboo light and would like a little modern flare to it, then check out the Koru Japanese Bamboo Floor Lamp on Amazon today.

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Ikea Orgel Floor Lamp

Now, I understand that most people cannot simply afford over $100 for a bamboo floor lamp. So I’ve put this light into the mix so that you can have a solid choice for something that’s only $33.89 on Amazon. This lamp is not made of bamboo, but it looks similar. It’s made by Ikea, who is known for quality furniture, and it’s quite inexpensive for something that looks this nice. If you’d rather have something authentic, then the choices above would be your best option, but this is just for those who could settle for something that’s not necessarily bamboo, but looks the part. Here are a few customer reviews on this product.

“I do not live close to a Ikea store, so was so pleased to see this lamp offered on Amazon. This lamp would look good with any decor…offers enough light to read by, but no glare, I am thinking about buying a couple more and eliminating a couple end tables.” – Ruth P.

“Lamp looks good. Ship was fast, however no bulbs were included. I had some regular spare but they won’t fit. Special bulbs are needed for this lamp so it is a hassle to find the appropriate type.” – Laa


Whether you want something that’s completely authentic and made form specialists on Japanese bamboo floor lamps or a cheaper light that’s still high quality, this article has it. Just head over to Amazon and take a look at those that interest you. The best of luck to you in your search for the perfect bamboo floor lamp!

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