You can really get a lot out of any vacation if you plan ahead. First of all, ask yourself where your interests lie. A summer holiday in Tuscany which is focused on the art in the region is something else that is becoming more popular with those who like to get the canvas out.


Sometimes just going to a place and wandering around aimlessly can be a little time-wasting. It doesn’t mean you have to plan day by day, but if you have a theme in mind, you can really come back with a lot of lasting memories.

Also, take into consideration your travel companions. What about the kids? Tuscany is a great place for them, but you may want to rethink a cooking holiday.

A Cooking Holiday with a Difference

Whether you are a dedicated foodie or not, a cooking holiday in Tuscany is something that you won’t forget about in a hurry. So many people flock here year after year to find out more about the flavors and textures of real Italian food. A lot of people don’t realize that Italian food is so much more than pizza and pasta, and this is what you will learn at one these fine schools.

mountains in Tuscany

Of course, some of them are just fun and games, with lots of vino and some cooking inbetween. Others are for the student who really wants to get to know what goes into the techniques of this type of cuisine.

You can either stay on the premises while doing their school, and others rather like to experience life in a villa as well. This gives you a chance to live life like a real Italian. So if you want to learn about risotto, gelato, minestrone and the perfect pizza toppings – the proper way, maybe this is the place for you.

A Farm Holiday in Tuscany

When people think of staying in a farm house, images are not that pretty, but the accommodation is usually really up to date. Many people head towards villas in Tuscany and this does give you a true sense of the village lifestyle, because you do not experience the countryside to the same extent.

A lot of villas are ultra modern, with a big classy swimming pool. You may as well be in the South of France. On the other hand, there are those villas which have not been renovated in a long time and are very dusty and not that child-friendly, so just make sure you have a look at the pictures beforehand. Remember that Summer gets really hot, and depending on where you are in the area, the rainy season will start in about September.

Something else, that a lot of folk have been drawn to is WWOOF. What is this? The dog barking society? No! This stands for Willing workers on organic farms. Here you will be working 5 hours of the day on a farm of your choice, in exchange for accommodation and food. This is really the best way to learn about the lifestyle.

There is no doubt, for a lot of the work, you will have to be fit, but this is really something different. Go to the website and choose your farm carefully. Find out from others who have been there, and if the reviews are bad, then stay away. There are some families which treat you really well, with the best cuisine, so this is where you want to end up. You will have the weekends to explore the area. Not a bad deal, in my opinion.

What else is there to do?

Apart from staring out your living room window at the beautiful surroundings, there is plenty to do. Of course, this is not New York City – there is no hustle and bustle and constant hype until all hours of the morning. If you are into that, then this laid back spot is not for you.


Italians here are very laid back. They will sit for hours at a coffee shop, chatting and enjoying life. There is lots to admire, and you will find that wherever you go.

People hire bikes and go cycling up country roads. This is something you can't do by car. You can either just ramble off somewhere, or you can plan your trip if you are feeling a little more fit. Some people like to stop off at the little villages. Others incorporate a bike trip with a tour of one of the vineyards.

Most of the cities are fairly close together, so it is also possible to use this as your base and head off to Florence or Rome for a night or two.