Acne home remedy


Acne is an inflammation of the skin from bacteria. It can be a frustrating skin disorder for teenagers or even adults. It makes one feel very self conscious when you have to deal with it. There are many drugs and skin lotions that you can use to resolve this problem. Before you use chemicals on your face or in your body, why not try an acne home remedy. Herbs are the key to this home remedy and there are many people who have had great success with the use of them.

 A good acne home remedy to try is Aloe Vera. Taking this internally is the best way to use it to treat it. Aloe Vera has anit-inflammatory properties. You can purchase Aloe Vera at a health food store. Be sure to get a 100% Aloe Vera product if you want the best possible results.

Green tea is a great candidate for an acne home remedy. This is because it has anti-bacterial properties. You can find Green Tea in many forms in health food stores. It is best to take it internally by tea or capsule as well as using it topically on acne. Again, you should use 100% Green Tea if you want the best results from the product. This is best purchased at a qualified health food store rather than in the market.

Bee Balm can be used as a home remedy. This herb has a long history with the Native Americans. To be affective as use to clear up your face, make it in tea form and soak a compress in it and dab on the acne area. The antiseptic properties are what can help with this disorders.

Evening Primrose Oil can be applied directly to the affected area before bed and left overnight on it. In the morning, wash it off your face. As an added measure, you can also drink evening primrose tea, as it has many healing properties to assist in clearing up acne.

It is better to give these remedies a try for a month or two to see if they clear up your acne. These are not overnight remedies but they are natural ways that you can help heal your body. They may take longer then prescription medications or other over the counter chemicals but they are much healthier for your body. They are also not guaranteed to work but it's well worth it to try an home remedy.