Being a pet owner it's not all rainbows and butterflies

Now this is something anyone thinking to adopt or purchase a pet should bare in mind. Usually when people think of bringing a pet to their household, they don’t take into account some very important and basic things.

One of the most important ones is being aware of the pet’s needs and if you will be able to meet them. You should think of factors as: diet, it’s temperature requirement, how much care does it actually need, if you should take it outside regularly or not, the space you have and the space the animle requires, will you be able to adapt your lifestyle or your households lifestyle to the pet’s, can you afford the medical expenses in case a problem appears and last but not least why do you actually want a pet? For company? For your kids? Or you just want another mouth to feed?

 Now if you have ever thought of having your own pet, you should think about these things carefully and maybe you should digg a little deeper and see what type of pet suits better to your lifestyle and then decide if you are actually going to be able to adopt it and take care of it.

 Having a pet is not child’s play and as much as it brings much joy and happiness into someone’s life it is also a big responsibility. It is a life we are talking about here. People seem to forget this and that is why there are so many abandoned pets out there.

 Now if after reading all this you still are thinking of having your own pet, there’s something else you should consider. The type of pet you want. Do your homework, investigate the pet’s or breeds personality and behaviour.


Different pet types and their characteristics:

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Dogs: When having a dog remember that normally they are active animals, they need their space to play and at least one daily walk. Usually the younger the dogs the more active they are, and larger dogs need more exercise than the smaller ones. Pets should not be permited to go uncontrolled in a house for their own safety and for your household’s sake. There are more than 150 different dog breeds for you to choose from. Go thoroughly through the dogs needs, features, personalities and choose the one that fits best to your lifestyle and household.

 Cats: They are very clean, you’ll basically ned to take care of their sand box, they’ll be aware of their own toilet. These creatures are normally understood as more independent than dogs, which is generally true, they don’t usually need their daily walks or constant affection but this does not mean that you should have a cat just as an adornment to your home. They also need carying and love, as there are some very affectionate and playful cats out there.

Fish: Fish are quite popular pets themselves, and they are known to relieve stress. Although, many people tend to buy fish thinking that it’s one of the easiest pet to take care of, they don’t even bother with informing themselves about the basics of having this kind of pet and they realise this way too late. There are different types of fish to choose from as well, but the Goldfish is one which requires the minimal equipment so if you are a beginner this is a great place to start. Instead, tropical or marine fish need more specialized tanks. These pets are more rcommended to people that live in small flats or have a busy life.

Birds: Now if you consider birds, it is more recommended to purchase a  baby at 1-3 months old. At this age the bird will more easily get to trust your hand and therefore you. These creatures live by habbit so if you buy an older bird get ready to deal with any kind of behaviour they have already learned. Now usually these creatures need a lot of attention and care as well, if not they tend to engage in self-destructive behaviours such as plucking their own feathers or making lots of noise. You should also remember that their cage needs to be cleaned frecquently. When buying a bird it would be wisely to ask for help in choosing the breed for you to an experienced bird shop owner.

Iguanas: Now when people tend to think about a more exotic pet, they usually go for Iguanas. These pets are difficult to maintain, they are large and they may become aggressive if they are not well taken care of. So if you want to go for something more exotic but you aren’t an expert in pets maybe smaller reptiles would be more suitable for you such as snakes or chameleons.

Ferrets: These animals are smart and not that aggressive. But they should be kept in their cage and they shouldn’t be left unsupervised with children.

Pocket Pets: These are small animals such as hamsters, rats, mice, guinea pigs, etc. They are very common pets because their unexpensive and don’t require that much maintanence. You should keep in mind that they are mostly nocturnal so make sure you put them in a place where their night activities won’t keep you awake.

If you have read the article and you still feel prepared and excited about owning a pet then I hope you have understood the reponsability it takes to actually be an owner and I encourage you to have one of your own. When taken care of, pets can bring much joy in someone’s life, they keep you company and they’re fun to live with. I myself own a basset hound, and after sharing my life with it for three years I wouldn’t be able to imagine how things would be without our daily walks, scolds and games.