People that are looking for some serious bass in their cars gravitate towards the subwoofers that contain about 2000 watts of maximum power; however, some car audio enthusiasts are looking for an insane amount of bass that can be heard from blocks away. A 5000 watt subwoofer will produce the amount of bass that is suitable for car audio competitions; moreover, it will produce the insane amount of bass that the car audio enthusiasts are looking for.

When choosing a 5000 watt car subwoofer, you will notice that most of them contain similar specifications; the majority of them are 15 inches wide and have an oversized magnet to produce the bass! The specifications that distinguish the best 5000 watt subwoofers from the worst 5000 watt subwoofers are the unseen ones: the amount of RMS watts, number of voice coils, and sound quality. Below, you will find the most powerful subwoofers for your car that will actually emit high-quality bass!

You Should Choose Your 5000 Watt Subwoofer From A Company With A Great Warranty (Kenwood, Pioneer, Rockford Fosgate)-More Power=Higher Chance Of Blowing The Subs

The fact of the matter is that subwoofers with higher output (more watts) usually mean a greater chance of blowing the voice coils in the subwoofers. This means that turning up a 5000 watt subwoofer to the max volume leaves you with a good chance that you will blow at least one of them.

Do not be worried! Many of the best subwoofer brands have ridiculous warranties that last as long as 5 years! I cannot go into specific details about the warranties because they vary with each product, but do a quick Google search for the warranties of companies like Kenwood, Rockford Fosgate, and Pioneer and you will not be disappointed. The chances are that you are buying your subwoofer to blast in the car, so the last thing that you want to be doing is worrying about turning the bass up to more than 50%! Instead of worrying, choose the best enclosure for the subwoofers and buy them from one of the reputable speaker brands that are listed in this paragraph!

JBL W15-Expensive, But Worth It!

JBL is one of the best subwoofer brands because they offer phenomenal products, and their warranties can’t be beat! When it comes to the JBL subwoofers in the W series, the most popular ones are the W15 subs and the W12 subs! Before I tell you about the price of these JBL subwoofers, I must tell you that the quality of bass that they produce is unheard of. The bass that these speakers emit is so clear and defined that you can literally tell what song is playing (solely from listening to the bass) from down the street!

The specific JBL W15 will cost you about $375 on Amazon, but is worth every penny! I would highly recommend installing any of the JBL subwoofers in a bandpass box because it will truly allow the high quality bass to be heard by everyone in the neighbourhood!

Be Sure To Pair The Subwoofers With The Appropriate Amplifier-The Amp Needs To Emit 5000 Watts Of Power Per Sub

As car audio enthusiasts say, one of the worst things that someone can do when installing a car stereo system is pair up a powerful subwoofer with a weak amplifier. Not only are you not unlocking all of the potential bass that the subs can produce, but you are also damaging the voice coils. Subwoofers are meant to be paired with amplifiers with the same power rating (watts)!

Once you have chosen the best 5000 watt subwoofer for your car, you should be sure to choose an amplifier that has a power rating of 5000 watts. Likewise, if you have chosen to install 2 5000 watt subwoofers, you should find an amplifier with a 10000 watt power rating!

For the best possible outcome, be sure to invest in a capacitor as well. A powerful 5000 watt subwoofer can drain the power out of your car’s electrical system; installing a 5 or 10 farad capacitor will stabilize the bass that the subwoofer is producing, as well as the car’s electricity that it is using. Not only will a capacitor make your speaker sound better, but it will make your car’s alternator more efficient too!

There is a 5000 watt subwoofer for cars being produced by different brands. Each of these subs has pros and cons; it is simply a matter of choosing the pros and cons that suit your specific car audio needs. I would highly recommend consulting a car audio installer or technician before buying the subwoofer and amplifier so that they can assess whether or not your car’s electrical system will be able to handle the power that the subwoofers will be sucking from it!