If you have a baby, or very young children, in your family, then you should really be sure to have a suitable baby thermometer in your family medicine kit. Babies have much less control over their body temperature than adults. And of course, you can't ask a baby "where it hurts" or how they feel. that's why it's important to be able to monitor your child's temperature accurately.

Of course, you can get a rough idea of whether or not your baby is running a temperature by touching it. The forehead or the neck are good areas to test. Don't make a judgement based on the temperature of the hands though. This can vary quite a bit from baby's core temperature as the hands are extremities.

If you think that your baby is running a temperature, or possibly even has a fever, then you should use a thermometer to get an accurate reading. A standard glass thermometer, whilt perfectly acceptable for adults and older children, isn't really suitable for checking a baby's temperature. It needs to be held in place for up to a minute - and that can be difficult if you have an unwell and fractious bayh in your arms.

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The best type of thermometer to use is one that can be read accurately and quickly. Nobody likes to be poked and prodded - especially when they feel unwell - so a non contact thermometer which will give a reading quickly is a good choice.

Non-contact infrared thermometers can provide a good, accurate temperature reading - usually in a few seconds. They usually have digital displays - so there should be no problem with reading the output incorrectly.

A baby ear thermometer is also a good choice. These will give very accurate readings as there are a lot of blood vessels near to the surface of the skin in the ear. They also work very quickly indeed. Most baby ear thermometers will provide you with an accurate reading in one second. That's certainly fast enough to ensure that your baby won't be upset anymore than is required at a time when it already feels unwell.

It's never pleasant when a baby or small child is unwell. However, if you have a suitable thermometer to hand, at least you will be able to gauge the extent of the problem and take appropriate action in a timely manner. It's an essential item of medical kit - and every home should have one.

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Using A Baby Thermometer