Hedge trimmers are nearly essential for anybody that does not want to pay a landscaper to keep their home looking nice; however, it is hard to choose one when there are literally tons of different options. You can opt to buy a battery powered trimmer or a powerful one that runs on gas; you can also choose from a ton of different brands! One option stood out to me when I was considering all of the different landscaping tools, and that option was the Bosch cordless hedge trimmer. There are a ton of benefits to owning one of these, and I’m about to explain them to you.

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Cordless As In Battery Or Gas Powered?

The truth of the matter is that the word “cordless” can refer to a landscaping tool that is either powered by a battery or gas. Which one should you choose? There are definitely benefits to either option, and I will explain all of the facts; however, the choice will be yours!

Battery Powered Hedge Trimmers: The simple fact is that gas is rather expensive, and battery powered landscaping tools don’t use any gas! With that being said, going with a battery powered trimmer is a much better idea for people that don’t want to spend money on gas every time that they landscape their home! However, the reduced cost comes at a price, and that price is power. Hedge trimmers that run on batteries don’t have as much cutting power as their gas powered alternatives, and can pretty much only finish a small lawn on a single charge.

You should check out the battery powered trimmers on Amazon if you think that they will best fit your landscaping situation!

Gas Powered Hedge Trimmers: As I had stated in the previous paragraph, these types of trimmers are more expensive to maintain because they use a significant amount of gas every time that you use them; however, this is a trade off for the increased amount of power that they offer the user. Gas trimmers are also the best option for people that own landscaping companies because they allow you to continually trim hedges on multiple properties without having to recharge a battery!

I would recommend checking out these gas powered trimmers if you are a person that would benefit from them.

The Bosch AHS 41 Is The Perfect “Budget Hedge Trimmer”

Let’s face it, not all of us are professional landscapers that are looking for expensive hedge trimmers. Most of the people that are reading this are simply homeowners that are looking for an inexpensive landscaping machine to keep our hedges looking clean! This is literally the perfect machine to suit the needs of those homeowners because it retails for under $100, and gets the job done!

The Bosch AHS 41 is a battery powered hedge trimmer that comes with two batteries! Each battery lasts for about 35 minutes, and takes about an hour to charge. This means that you can actually charge one of the batteries while you are using the machine with the other one!

The most amazing thing about this Bosch cordless hedge trimmer is the fact that it only weighs about 2.5 KG! This means that you will be able to trim the hedges around your house without having sore forearms at the end of the job. Many of the gas powered hedge trimmers that can be purchased weigh well over 10 pounds, which literally makes them a pain to carry up to the top of a ladder to trim the tall house!

This is the perfect lightweight hedge trimmer for seniors that want to landscape their home.

Black And Decker LHT2220-An Alternative To A Bosch Cordless Hedge Trimmer

I know that this article was supposed to be entirely about Bosch trimmers, but I figure that I would provide an alternative option for people that don’t like the Bosch brand name (although I don’t know why they wouldn’t like it).

The Black and Decker LHT2220 is another fantastic battery powered trimmer for your hedges for a few reasons:

-It has a long-lasting 20 volt lithium battery

-It has long 22 inch blades that are perfect for deep hedges

-It can trim up to 3000 square feet of hedges on a single charge!

Landscaping your home is absolutely essential for giving it some fantastic curb appeal, and can really make a difference when you are thinking about selling it. Amazing landscaping can easily add 10,000-20,000 dollars to the appraised value of your home.

Throughout this article, I have outlined a ton of benefits to buying a Bosch cordless hedge trimmer. I am not trying to say that this is the only option when it comes to landscaping your home, but it is definitely the best option for most homeowners and landscape professionals!