Bubba mugs have made a name for themselves by producing them in a weird shape that is completely unique to their own brand; people recognize a bubba mug solely by looking at its shape. However, there are a handful of people that don’t like them because they don’t look “professional enough”. This is a completely true fact, but you must remember that these mugs are not meant to look professional, they’re meant to keep your beverage warm/cold for a long time, and hold a lot of liquid.

These mugs basically do what they had intentions on doing...not anything else.

I’m not here to convince you to buy a Bubba travel mug or to bring one into your office work environment; I am simply here to map out the benefits of doing so.

Bubba Mugs Fit Into Cup holders

One would think that an extremely large travel mug wouldn’t stand a chance at fitting into a car’s cup holder; however, the truth of the matter is that they absolutely fit. The Bubba company was really innovative when they created their travel mugs because they made them really large at the top, and skinny on the bottom. This design allows them to fit into the cup holder of your car, while still holding a TON of liquid.

Do you think that they’ll fall over because they are “top heavy”?

I thought so too! But after buying one and playing around with it, I realized that Bubba travel mugs are thick and weighted at the bottom. This helps to stop the mug from tumbling over due to its large upper half. This isn’t to say that it won’t fall over, but I can definitely say that you would really have to push it to make it tumble!

Most of the Bubba mugs that are being sold on Amazon were created with the same design. Check them out to see for yourself!

Bubba Mugs Hold The Most Liquid That I’ve Seen

Can you imagine carrying around 52 oz of liquid around with you? The truth of the matter is that Bubba travel mugs hold an insane amount of liquid, so they are perfect for people that have jobs that get them dehydrated.

My brother in law is a tennis instructor, and is under the hot sun for up to 8 hours every single day. He carries around his 52 oz Bubba travel mug, and fills it up with ice cold water after every lesson. He has not complained about being dehydrated since my sister bought him that travel mug because it literally holds more water than he could ever imagine, and keeps it ice cold for up to 3 hours (yes, even under the sun).

People can also use their 52 oz mugs to carry their coffee around, but I don’t know who on earth would drink 52 ounces of coffee by themselves. On the other hand, people could bring that much coffee to a family picnic, and share it with the rest of the people.

Do you think that you could benefit from having a 52 oz Bubba mug? If so, check them out on Amazon and I’m sure that you’ll find one that you like.

Bubba’s Travel Mugs Are DURABLE

Many people bring their Bubba mugs along with them to their sports events simply because they can be thrown around and dropped without having to worry about them breaking. These travel mugs are made from really hard plastic and coated with metal in the middle of them. This practically makes them bulletproof.

It is not only that you can drop them, but they will also NOT dent when they are dropped from a high distance. I did a little experiment that involved dropping a Bubba travel mug from a height of about 16 feet onto a layer of concrete, and the mug didn’t break at all! There was a small dent in the middle of it, but the integrity of the mug was not sacrificed the slightest bit.

bubba 20 oz travel mug classic black
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(price as of May 30, 2016)

I don’t want to sit here and try to convince you to buy one of the many travel mugs that are made by Bubba because I am not a salesperson; you have to make the decision for yourself. I have outlined all of the benefits of buying a Bubba travel mug, and have even spent some time incorporating personal stories of the uses of one; however, the choice is ultimately yours.

The simple matter of fact is that these mugs are amazing, and can be used by anybody. To top it off, their prices are really affordable. Bubba mugs sell for as little as $10, and are MUCH better than the mugs that the competitors sell for more than $40!