Choosing A Doctor

If your moving to a new city, or you are in need of a new doctor for whatever reason, the task of finding one can be confusing. There are many things to consider as you search out your options, this can be complicated and maybe even a little scary. The first thing you want to do is remain calm, and begin your search by asking those closest to you. A good way to start is asking a family member who they use, or ask your best friend who they would recommend. Another option would be to ask the clinic you came from if they could recommend someone, or even give you a referral. Most of the time the search can end right there. 90% of the time friends and family will have just the right fit for you.

However if their recommendations were not something you were comfortable with, then its time to really start the process of choosing a doctor you will be comfortable with. When choosing a major factor will be what type of insurance you have. Most insurance companies have certain requirements, such as things they will or will not pay for, including what doctor. They may have their own listing of doctors that are a part of their insurance plan. If that is the case that will narrow your search, which could be good in some ways, as these doctors were probably recommended to the insurance company for whatever reason. If this is true for you, then use the list and still consider your needs.

When choosing a doctor for yourself, you need to take in to consideration your over-all needs. What kind of doctor will fit your need. Do you need a primary care doctor? This is a doctor that manages your total care needs, and will refer you to a specialist as needed. If you do need a specialist then you need to direct you search in that area. Knowing what kind of doctor you need is important, and will point you in the right direction. For instance if you suffer from heart disease, then you will want a cardiologist. If you suffer from chronic pain, you may want to consider doctors who work in a pain clinic. There are many doctors, and knowing what type of doctor you need will narrow your search. There are many things to consider when choosing a doctor, and it can become overwhelming. However, take time to carefully go over whats most important to you, and your particular needs.

Another important decision to consider would be the location of the office, where is it? will it be a long drive? If you have to take a bus, will the bus go that far? Is it part of the bus route? If driving will there be convenient parking? or will you have to pay to park? As you contemplate these questions get the address, find the address using a map or get on the internet and check there. If location is something your concerned with, then its best to figure this out now. It may suite you better to find something closer to home, especially if you have to use public transportation or walk.

Other things which may be important to you might be, what hospitals the doctor uses. It may be good to know if your comfortable with the doctors choice of hospitals. The hospital the doctor uses may be a deal breaker for you, so its good to have that knowledge. The time you can be seen by the doctor is also important. Can you be seen the same day you call for an appointment, or will there be a long wait? If you need an x-ray or blood work, is it done there?, or do you have to drive to a different location. All these questions can be very important when choosing a doctor.

The best way to answer most of these questions, would be to schedule an appointment with the Doctors Office you are considering. Many practices allow a patient to make an "Interview Appointment", this will be a time where you can sit down with the physician and get all your questions answered. At this time you can let the doctor know your concerns, and really see how you feel about this doctor. In this interview, your basically getting answers and seeing if you will be comfortable. If the doctor was attentive, and answered all your questions to your satisfaction. Then you may have found a good fit.