When it comes to choosing a drum kit arrangement, there are many options! The drums will sound the same regardless of the way that you arrange your kit; however, it is a matter of ease of use and personal preference. In addition to choosing the amount and types of drums that you will be using in your percussion set, you can also choose how you want to arrange them in relativity to each other. For instance, some people enjoy placing the crash cymbal to the left of their snare drum, and others enjoy the crash cymbal being placed in between the two upper tom drums!

This article will go over the 3 most common choices when it comes to arranging your percussion set! I would recommend choosing the drum kit arrangement that suits your playing style and favourite music genre!

A Classic Drum Kit Arrangement-1 Snare, 3 Toms, And 2 Cymbals

When it comes to the most common percussion arrangement for drummers that enjoy playing to all kinds of music, this set up is the absolute best. This arrangement involves arranging your drums in a square-like pattern in which the snare drum and floor tom areGammon Complete 8 Piece Beginner Drum SetCredit: Amazon.com the bottom corners of the square, and the two floating toms are the top corners of the square! Arranging your drum set like this will allow you to access all of the drums easily, and in a smooth motion; you will be able to do drum rolls through the percussion set with ease.

In addition, this classical drum kit arrangement contains a hi-hat, crash cymbal, and ride cymbal. The ride cymbal should be placed to the right of the floating toms, and the crash cymbal and hi-hat should be placed to the left of them. Not only will this percussion arrangement allow you to access all of the drums, but you will be able to play to any genre of music! Whether you are drumming to rock, rap, hip hop, or jazz, you will be able to do so easily while arranging your drum kit like this.

Arrange Your Drums For Jazz- 1 Snare, 2 Toms, and 4 Cymbals!

The percussion lines of most jazz songs are based around 3 main drums: the snare drum, a floating tom, and a floor tom. The removal of the 4th drum from the clasComplete Jazz Drum Set For BeginnersCredit: Amazon.comsical drum kit arrangement makes it difficult for musicians to make the transition from drumming to rock/hip hop songs to jazz songs! In addition to having one less floating tom that a rock drum set, a jazz set also contains an additional 2 cymbals! These additional cymbals in a jazz drum set produce higher pitched noises than their ride and crash cymbal counterparts.

The one benefit to setting up your drum kit in a jazz arrangement is that it will be much less cluttered, and easier to work the sticks around each of the drums!

I would also place a focus on hitting the drums much lighter, as jazz songs do not require musicians to play as loudly! This is the optimal drum kit arrangement for musicians that will be frequently drumming to jazz songs.

Playing Like A Rock Star-Using Both The Crash Cymbal And The Ride Cymbal

One of the best things about using two different cymbals is that you can Pearl Forum Complete Drum Kit With 3 CymbalsCredit: Amazon.comalternate the ones that you are using, and the sequence that you are using them in when drumming to a song. For instance, playing the drums to a hard rock song might justify you hitting the crash cymbal consistently, and hitting the ride cymbal every once in a while. However, drumming to an alternative rock song might mean hitting the ride cymbal consistently with your drum stick, and then taking a break to hit the crash cymbal every little bit. Placing the crash cymbal on the left and the ride cymbal on the right is the perfect drum kit arrangement for anybody that is constantly drumming to rock songs of any sort.

You Can Use A Microphone Set In Any Drum Kit Arrangement That You Choose

Anybody that has every played the percussion in a concert will understand the value of having microphones hooked up to a drum set. Playing the drums without microphones might sound good when being played in your basement; however, the snare drum will barely be heard Pyle-Pro 7 Piece Drum Microphone Kit With Mounting AccessoriesCredit: Amazon.comin front of an audience of hundreds of people. It is also important to incorporate microphones in your drum kit arrangement if you are playing with other instruments such as electric guitars, and trumpets!

To sum it up, there are plenty of drum kit arrangements to choose from, and there is no problem with consistently changing the placement of your snare drum and cymbals! You should choose the specific percussion placement that will suit your playing style and song choice in the best manner!