Best Folding Camper Trailers - How to Choose

The pop up campers are reasonably priced options to standard travel trailers, because they cost much less than the superior models. Folding campers have several benefits over a standard RV, for instance they are light weighted and can be folded into a slighter size, simplifying the travel and eliminating the need for special side mirrors.

The top three favorite folding trailer types are: Coleman, Starcraft and Rockwood. Coleman started out producing tent trailers in 1967 and the Folding Trailer Division of the company was purchased in 1989 by Fleetwood Company of California. The Starcraft folding trailers were first released on the market in 1964, getting hold on a substantial share of the TVs market with pioneering features like the crank-up lifting structure and a rigid top for the folding camper. The brand is presently in the property of Jayco, one of the leading privately held RV manufacturer of the world. Rockwood is constructed by Forest River of Illinois and being famous for its hybrid model "Roo" being a combination of tent trailers and standard travel trailers.

Foldinc Camper TrailerThey are all manufacturing a wide range of folding trailer types for campers to select from upon their needs. One of the questions that arise is how to get the perfect folding camper trailers? Here are some aspects that need to be analyzed before making a decision.

One highly important aspect is the price. It depends on how much you are willing to spend on the tent camper. In case you are planning to use it regularly you might seriously think about a new model. The prices vary from $8,000 for a simple model up to $20,000 for a sophisticated model with facilities almost as good as the standard RV's. On the other hand, if you are not going to use it on a regular basis, just now and then, or if you are disposed to adapt it yourself according to your requirements, you can get your hands on a used model very cheap (starting from $500).

Another aspect is the facilities. You have to know the features that are a must for you, and which are the ones you might pass by. Some of the models are equipped only with simple facilities, while others have cable and satellite TV link up, air conditioner or electric water heater. Have a list with your own requirements prior of going on evaluation shopping.

However, if you are still confused with the whole process of selecting a camper trailer, one of the solutions could be the online review sites. You might even connect with some pop up camper fans, who I am sure would be ready to share their experience and suggestions with you. Regardless of your decision, the purchase of a camper trailer will guarantee you the best you can get from the splendors of nature and almost all the comfort from home.