Free air subwoofers seem to be a car audio technology that not many people take advantage of. The thought of a subwoofer that could produce high quality bass without a box seemed to be absolutely bizarre a few years ago; however, with the enhancement of head units and car amplifiers came the development of the free air subwoofer. One of the main things that stop people from upgrading their car audio equipment is the generous amount of space that a sub enclosure takes up; however, a free air subwoofer will substantially decrease the amount of space that it requires!

Essentially, you will be able to get more bass for less space!

12ib4 - Jl Audio 12" Free Air Subwoofer
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Choosing a subwoofer that is able to pump out bass solely from the air around it is not an easy task. Since these types of subwoofers use a different technology, the amount of watts that they produce is sort of different. After reading this article, you will be able to make an educated decision, and buy a powerful no-box subwoofer that will produce a TON of bass!

JL Audio Has Very Powerful 10” Subwoofers That Don’t Require Boxes-10W0V2 And M10IB5

JL Audio is known for the raw power that their subs seem to produce; in addition, the bass comes out from the subwoofers is top notch. JL Audio is not the best subwoofer brand, but they should always be considered if you are looking to upgrade the stereo system in your JL Audio 12 Inch Free Air SubwooferCredit: Amazon.comcar. The 10W0V2 and M10IB5 are JL Audio’s best car subwoofers!

The 10W0V2 by JL Audio is a 10 inch free air subwoofer that contains a whopping 300 watts of peak power. Having a 300 watt peak power rating is pretty good considering that this car subwoofer does not require a box to produce bass. In addition, the mounting depth of this woofer is under 5 inches, so you can easily mount it to the rear deck of the car. It is important to consider the trunk clearance when installing a free air sub onto the rear deck of your car; mounting depth will determine how much of the trunk’s clearance that you are eliminating!

JL Audio also offers an M10IB5 which is a 10 inch free air subwoofer from the Marine Series. All of the JL subwoofers from the Marine Series are known for their durability; however, the grille that comes with this woofer makes it the most durable subwoofer for cars. This specific model by JL Audio will cost you a little bit more money than the rest, but it is able to handle 250 watts of continuous power! In addition, the M10IB5 contains 46 Hz of free air resonance, so you can be sure that the bass will wake your neighbours without the subwoofer being in a box!

A Free Air Subwoofer Can Be Installed Into The Rear Deck Of Your Car-Don’t Lose ANY Trunk Space

One of the main benefits to buying a subwoofer with free air capability is that they will take up less than half of the space that subwoofers take up when they are installedKicker Comp 4 Ohm SubwooferCredit: in ported or sealed enclosures. The only downside is that they produce less bass than subwoofers in a box.

Speaking on the benefit of them not taking up as much space, you can easily install a free air subwoofer into the rear deck of your car! Doing so will substantially improve the amount of bass in your car stereo, as well as allow you to keep all of your trunk space; more bass for no trunk space is a great deal! A DIY rear deck subwoofer install is relatively easy; all that you must do is cut a hole into the rear deck of your car, and secure the subwoofer to the hole that you cut!

Be sure to check out the free air subwoofers on Amazon being sold at INSANELY low prices...These free air subs can be mounted on the rear deck of your car, and some are being discounted at up to 60% off of their original price!

Re Audio Srx10D4 Is A 10 Inch Woofer That Can Be Mounted In The Free Air Or In A Small Enclosure!

When Re Audio 300 Watt RMS Free Air SubwooferCredit: Amazon.comit come to upgrading my car audio system, I like to have options! This Re Audio subwoofer can be mounted in the free air or small enclosure. A free air subwoofer that can also be installed in a ported box to produce much more’s amazing!

I would highly recommend this Re Audio Srx10D4 to anybody that wants to improve the bass in their car; it is one of the most universal car subwoofers. The only downside is that Re Audio is not considered as being one of the best subwoofer brands; not because they produce bad-sounding woofers, but because they have not been around in the car audio industry for a long time. If you don’t believe me, ask a car audio technician about the benefits of a free air subwoofer that can be mounted in a box; you will be quickly convinced!

The point is: why waste space when you don’t have to. Technology has come a long way, and a free air sub can produce as much bass as a woofer in an enclosure! Trunk space is very valuable in a car, and can be used effectively; it would be a shame to waste half of it on a pair of subwoofers in a ported enclosure.