A Buying Guide For Bicycle Locks

Choosing A Good Bike LockCredit: ariemir


According to the latest figures, one bike is stolen every 71 seconds in the UK. And in America, the average number of bike thefts is equal to the number of riders. In the economic downturn, increased rates of bike theft are inevitable, and the only way you can protect yourself is by parking your bike in a sensible spot, and securing it with a decent lock.

There is no lock that is unbreakable, every lock can be broken if the thief is interested enough and has the appropriate tools. Despite this, it still makes sense to buy a good strong lock or two, especially if you live in an urban area and frequently leave your bike locked up. There are various different types of locks to consider, and you should buy one that suits the level of security that you require. For example, if you’re leaving your bike in a big city, you would be wise to invest in a very strong lock, but if you live out in the country where everyone knows your name, a lighter lock would fit the bill.

If you are very concerned about safety - or have had one too many bikes stolen, use two different types of locks to secure your steed. Often one lock is used to secure the frame and one for the rear wheel. Different tools are required to break different types of locks, and unless the thief is serious, it is unlikely they would have both. Having two locks enables you to secure more parts of your bike effectively. However, remember that thieves may not target the whole bike, and you don’t want to be left without wheels, saddles, handlebars or lights.

There are various different types of locks to choose from.

Cable Locks

These lack the protection afforded by more rugged locks, and are often little more than a visual deterrent potential thieves. However, they might well fit your purpose if you are looking for a lightweight and portable lock. Keep in mind however, that those locks light enough to be convenient to carry around, are often likely to be light enough to be easily broken by someone who knows how. Abudget cable lock with good reviews is the Avenir Combo Cable Lock

D Locks

Often thought to be the toughest kind of lock, but are also heavye added weight of a heavy duty lock, However, not all D locks are similarly solid. And they can also be broken in many different ways.

A good D lock that reaches a happy compromise between strength and size is the Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboutit

Chain Locks

A well made chain lock will protect your bike well, but bear in mind that cheaper models might easily be cut through with a hacksaw or angle grinder. An example of a good chain lock is the...

Tips to Avoid Having Your Bike Stolen:

  • Ride a Beater/Junk Bike so noone wants to steal it.
  • Leave it in a Public Place
  • Always Lock it
  • Use Two Locks
  • Use Three Locks
  • Make Your Bike Look Cheaper Than It Is with Duct Tape and Spray Paint. Make it look as if it belongs in a dumpster!
  • Use a Combination Lock So It Can’t Be Picked
  • If you see someone stealing a bike,any bike, claim its yours and watch their reaction! Don’t just stand there apathetic.
  • Make your bike unique in any possible way so if it is stolen, you might be able to recognise it again.