Choosing A Good Place To Study

Anybody who has attended a college or university will tell you that studying is the most important thing that you can ever do to succeed in school. If they could choose one word to accurately describe the studying process it would probably be "invaluable"; studying will make or break you in regards to education.

Those same people who will tell you about the importance of studying will probably also tell you that it is extremely hard to sit at a desk for hours on end reading about the same subject. With the understanding that studying is extremely important, you will probably want to make it as easy as possible to study for the long periods of time that are required to be successful in school. This may surprise you, but that university library that you currently study at may not be the absolute best place to study in! Imagine that you study in a university library for 3 hours before your mind cannot handle any more; moreover, imagine that you do this 4 nights every week. If you could find the absolute best place to study, you could probably squeeze another hour in every time, bringing your total to 4 hours at 4 nights per week. That brings your weekly study time from 12 hours to 16 hours! That 25 percent increase in study time could make an unbelievable difference in your test scores throughout your entire university education! Not convinced yet?

What if I told you that the best study location could be closer than you think...would you then be convinced? Listed below are my comprised criteria for the best location to study; use them, and your grades will surely increase with the additional time spent studying.

A Place That Is Quiet

Studying involves reading and repeating the information that you read in your head; this is much easier when there is not much background noise. When there is noise in the background your thoughts are faced with interference; this will lead to not being able to tolerate longer study sessions. Ensure that the area or room is quiet when choosing a place to study, so that your thoughts won't have interference, and you can tolerate longer study sessions.

A Place That Is Well Lit

At least 90 percent on studying involves reading; the last thing that you want to be doing when you are studying is squinting or struggling to see the information. It is also proven that well lit areas allow you to focus your thoughts better than dark ones; this will allow you to study more effectively, and remember more information for the test. When choosing a place to study, ensure that it is well lit, so that you are able to read the information easier, and tolerate longer study sessions

A Place With Few Distractions

How many times have you been studying, and decide to take a 3 minute break to check out that news feed on Facebook; moreover, how many times did that end up being a 30 minute break instead. Don't worry, it's human nature to do what we want to do rather than what we should do. For that reason you should ensure that there are only a few distractions available when you choose your place to study. Sometimes the only way to help a smoker quit is to take his cigarettes away and put him in place that he has no access to cigarettes. The same idea follows with distractions when studying, study in a location that does not allow you access to distractions, and you will simply not be able to utilize any of them. By choosing a study location that has no distractions, you are forcing your mind to focus only on the information that you are studying!

A Place With Little Traffic

Although you may enjoy studying at your local coffee shop, it may not be your best bet for the most effective studying. Imagine that you were trying to study while sitting beside the employee that is collecting the tickets for the busiest movie theatre in the world; it doesn't seem like it would be to easy to study right? Studying in a place that has a lot of traffic, whether it be humans or vehicles, produces an unbelievable amount of interference that your mind has to compete with. Your mind is already doing something that it doesn't want to do by studying; trying to study in an environment that is filled with traffic only makes it harder for your mind to adhere to longer studying sessions. Choose a place with as little traffic as possible when choosing a place to study, so that you can reward your mind for doing something that it would rather not be doing.

A Place That Has A Large Work Area

Although all of the information that you will be studying solely comes from one book, you will probably need enough space to accommodate more than that. Most people have a textbook, notebook, pencil case, binder, and schoolbag when studying; the place that you have chosen to study should have enough room to accommodate at least all of these items, plus additional room for arm space and comfort. Ideally your study space should have a working area that is at least 3.5 feet wide and 3.5 feet deep; this is not always possible, especially with small cubicles, but you should try to find a space that has as close to this figure as possible.

Choosing a good place to study can seem like a simple task; however, in reality it can be a rather difficult one. There is a very limited amount of places that possess all of these qualities; however, once you find one, it is as if you found the needle in the haystack. Finding a place that possesses all of these qualities can be a hard task; however, you will be able to tolerate studying for longer periods of time, which will ultimately result in remembering more information and getting better grades on the test!