Finding a good watch when you are an active person can be difficult, not only do you have to find a watch that is fashionable, but also one that is functional. There are several companies out there who design and manufacture running watches, however not all of these watches are the same. Some of these watches features some great feature that runners and out-doors men may find invaluable. Finding the perfect running watch for you does not need to be a difficult task however. All you need to do is to consider what features you would like to have, and then find a store that carries a watch that offers those features.

nikerunWhen choosing a time piece the first step is to make a look of everything you must have in a watch. Next you will want to make a second list that consists of some items that would be really nice to have. Finally you will want to set a budget, otherwise you may be wowed by the flashy watch and end up purchasing an expensive piece that is much more than what you need. With recent advancements in technology, watches are becoming more and more advanced. There is a myriad of features out available in watches these days. Some play Mp3s, while others have built-in GPS. Some more basic features that are useful are pedometers that measure your steps, heart beat monitors and of course the ever-popular "stop-watch" function that can help you time your laps, should you be running on a track.

When you have completed your list of "must have" items, ask yourself how much that feature may be worth to you and ask yourself honestly "Will I really use this feature". This step can help you from over-spending on a running watch. Once there you can begin your search for your new time piece.

There are several places that you can search for a new time piece online, as well as places you can look in person. Your first stop should be to an athletic store, or an out-doors supply store. These places are likely to have the best watches for your money with the features you are likely looking for. In addition they will also likely have the same models in their store for you to see in person. While you may be able to get the best deal from online retailers such as Amazon, it is often a good idea to check out watches in person, as it can be difficult to get a sense of what they look like on the screen. It is possible that the "perfect" watch for you ends up being too small to utilize well, or that you do not really like the color options that are available for it. After all, just because you see the watch in the store does not mean you can't go home and buy it online afterwards.

By taking the time to consider what you really want and need out of a digital running watch you will save yourself a lot of time in the store. Picking out the features you want and what they are worth to you will keep you from spending too much money because you are impressed with a flashy display. Finally, be sure to shop around, look at to ensure that you get the best price on the watch, after all this is something you will be using several times a week for many years, it is important to be happy with the purchase.