Superhero costumes are some of the best Halloween costumes to dress up in for a Halloween party, a night of trick or treating and other Halloween gatherings. There are so many classic Superheroes that are a popular choice for a costume idea. With so many movies out that help to make superheroes popular, it is no wonder that many of us like to wear a Superhero costume for Halloween. Kids especially love dressing up in Superhero attire even if it’s not Halloween.

You can end up spending quite a bit of money on a Superhero costume. You don’t have to pay the high prices in costumes stores instead you can make your own homemade superhero costume.

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You don’t have to be a great seamstress or even a creative person to make your own homemade superhero costume. It’s a matter of collecting the pieces you need to put our Halloween outfit together and with a short investment of time you will have an authentic homemade superhero costume plus your pocketbook won’t be empty.

Doing some online research can provide you with some basic ideas for making your own homemade Superhero costume. A child will especially enjoy making up their own outfit or at least helping out. It doesn’t take much to make a child happy with any type of costume. so donAdult Muscular Superman CostumeCredit:’t go overboard.

Making a Superman Costume

Superman is one of the most popular costume ideas. Throughout the years Superman has remained one of the most well loved superheroes of all time. Part of the popularity of Superman is that he is really just a regular guy named Clark Kent with Superhero powers.

If you want to make a Superman costume the main thing Superman is known for is the big letter S on this chest. For your homemade costume you can get a blue sweatshirt outfit, use some high red baseball sock as boots and make a belt out of yellow material. You can also make the Superman emblem out of felt and glue it on the shirt.

Use resources online to see how the Superman costume looks and you can create it yourself for a lower cost than buying a Superman outfit

Batman or Bat Woman Costume Idea

Batman and Men's Costume-Batman The Dark KnightCredit: Amazon.comhis female counterpart of Bat Woman have long been a popular Superhero. Superheroes are admired because they can do things that the average person can’t. Batman with his Bat mobile and other really cool gadgets that were Catwoman Halloween Costume For WomenCredit: Amazon.compart of his crime fighting equipment was an exciting show to watch.

Basically Batman or Bat woman is an all in black outfit. The key thing that makes the outfit is the yellow and black bat logo that represents Batman. It is a very recognizable logo.

It does not take much to make this type of Superhero costume.  Simply dress in all black and make the logo out of felt and glue or pin it on. Bat masks are simple to find in a toy store or even a dollar store to put the finishing touch on the Batman homemade superhero costume.

Wonder Woman CostumeHeroine Costume-Large Wonder WomanCredit:

Wonder Woman is a really cool superhero costume for women and little girls. The cutest part of the Wonder Women costume is the blue skirt with stars.

If you are going to make a handmade Superhero costume such as Wonder Woman you can buy most of your supplies at a craft or fabric store. For the Wonder Woman skirt you may be able to buy blue material that has a star pattern but if not you can make your own by cutting felt star out of material and sewing the stars on the blue skirt. It may be a lot of work but you will sure to get plenty of compliments.

Be sure to check out the many Wonder Woman costumes on Amazon being sold at extremely low prices...Dressing up as Wonder Woman is a great idea for any Halloween occasion, and some costumes are being discounted at up to 60% off of their original price!

Spiderman Homemade Superhero Costume

Spiderman is a classic Superhero. Little boys and big men would all choose to be Spiderman if they could for Halloween. Spiderman was originally created as a comic book character however the Spiderman movies and all the merchandise that goes along with it has made Spiderman quite popular.

A Spiderman superhero costume for Halloween is fairly easy to reconstruct. Blue pants along with a long sleeved red shirt are the basic attire of a homemade Spiderman costume. You can draw a spider web on the shirt with a black marker. For little kids they even have Spiderman pajamas for sale which can work as a costume. If you use high red baseball socks to look like the footwear of Spiderman you will complete your look.

The Spiderman mask is available at many discount stores. Additionally in the toy department you can buy many Spiderman accessories like a web maker.

If you are looking to create a homemade Superhero costume you can look online for many ideas to make the job easier.