Pediatrician, Baby Doctor



Find a Baby Doctor or Pediatrician BEFORE your baby is born

If you’re currently pregnant or expecting soon, it is very important that you find a pediatrician before your child is born.  Finding a baby doctor beforehand provides you the following benefits:

 Provides the opportunity to interview the baby doctor

  1. You want to make sure you are very comfortable with the practice, beliefs, reputation and location of your new pediatrician, as you will be making frequent visits in the coming years.
  2. Make sure you find out their availability & schedule.
  3. Ask how prompt they are when returning phone calls
  4. Is their work office clean, does the staff treat you with courtesy?
  5. How are office visits scheduled?
  6. Do they accept emergency walk-ins?

 If you have family members or friends who have children, they can be a wonderful resource to help you map out what to expect.  Even your OB/GYN is legally able to refer you to someone in your area that he/she might be privy to.  Remember, gathering as much information as you can up front will help you map out your questions and key areas of concern.  One thing we did is to create a check-list of major topics such as:

  1. Is the location of the pediatrician’s office close to you?
  2. Pediatrician’s qualifications?
  3. Pediatrician’s office times, do they coincide with your needs?
  4. Do they accept your insurance carrier?
  5. Is the pediatrician your going to choose certified by any appropriate medical board certifications?
  6. Do they have children of their own?
  7. Do they support house visits (this may be a feature of some insurance policies).

What else can you do to prepare for your coming baby?

Another important item to get squared away before your baby arrives is The Nursery!  Preparing your nursery can be a fun and exciting event for you and your husband/wife to participate in.