Dogs are man's best friends........

As modern lifestyle takes a heavy toll on our health, people are increasingly forking out thousands of dollars on healthcare. But they also must not ignore the health and well-being of their pets. After all dogs are supposed to be a man’s best friend and they deserve to be treated like a near and dear one. Most dog owners rightly claim that veterinary costs of a dog and other pets most of the time, are higher than the healthcare expenses of the owners themselves. So if your dog suddenly requires a 5000 dollars’ worth surgical procedure during its senior years, what options do you have? Taking care of your pet’s health is actually more strenuous, complicated and expensive than taking care of your own.

Why an insurance cover is so important in today’s context?

In times of financial duress, such as these, it goes without saying that overall dog care takes a backseat. When people are finding it difficult to make ends meet, incurring thousands of dollars on veterinary expenses is not an option. But one has to bear in mind the fact that their pets will not stay young and in the pink of health forever. Data taken from all the leading veterinary clinics from the US suggests that overall dog checkup and treatment procedures are on the wane ever since the onset of the financial crisis. So an effective pet insurance policy is the key to your dog’s wellbeing. Nobody would want to be in a situation where they are rendered financially helpless to treat their dogs and instead, have to watch them suffer. So it is imperative to choose a right pet insurance policy.

When is the right time to purchase?

Most experts are of the opinion that the correct time to opt for an insurance policy for your dog is when you buy it. One has to shell out much less to secure an insurance product when the dog is still a puppy than when it is a full grown adult. Premium costs are consequently on the lower side also. There is a vast array of insurance covers available, so one has to carefully pick the most appropriate one. For instance, there are several insurance policies that do not cover crossbreeds for purely scientific reasons. So choosing the right insurance policy is very important.

What should you look for in an insurance cover?

One must carefully peruse the terms and conditions of the insurance product. One should check the expiration period, the filing modality and carefully look for any hidden charges. It is better to opt for an insurance product that would take care of third party expenses that your dog could potentially cause to other people. For example, if your dog bites someone it is your responsibility to take care of those persons’ medical bills or cover for damage costs that your dog has incurred to someone’s property. There are extensive insurance products that will take care of all such necessities. Such insurance covers should be at the top of everyone’s list.

The overall coverage of the insurance is something that must be looked. While most insurance policies provide cover only for illness and accident, there are some which also take care of hospitalization. However most insurance covers exclude periodic veterinary checkups and basic health and physical care like nail trimming and fur clipping. Vaccination against viral diseases and food supplements are also not included.

Pets, especially dogs are the cynosure of everyone’s eyes. So without farther delay buy an insurance cover to protect your dog from future mishaps.