There are a ton of people that swear by their traditional ways, and will always opt to purchase a very bulky car seat that stays in the exact same spot in their vehicle all of the time; however, technology has progressed quite a bit since the early 1990s, a choosing a portable car seat seems to be the way of the future. A portable car seat offers you convenience, and lightweight portability; two things that were not even considered when car seats were around in the early 1990s. With all of that being said, you may want to purchase a portable model, but not know which one to purchase. This article is designed to open your eyes to the many brands, models, and styles that can be purchased for affordable prices.

The GoGo Kidz Travelmate Is A Phenomenal Portable Car Seat For A Toddler Because it Is Durable For Heavier ChildrenGoGo Kidz Travelmate Portable Car SeatCredit:

Each individual province and state has their own laws regarding what age and weight children have to be kept in a car seat until; moreover, some children that live in weight-governed states may have to ride in a car seat until they are 7 or 8 years old! With that being said, some people may be on the hunt for a portable car seat for a toddler that is around 8 years old. GoGo Kidz has created their Travelmate model which has been designed with durability in mind; its durable frame and components make it suitable for heavier children. Since children generally get heavier as they get older, there is a good chance that your 8 year old will be deemed as being heavy, even if they are quite slim.

Snazzy Baby Offers A Portable Car Seat For A Baby-They Are Lightweight And Can Be Folded

The majority of the car seats that you will find will be meant for young babies, since the majority of states and provinces have made it mandatory for children to ride in car seats until they are at least 2 or 3 years old. However, choosing a portable car seat for a baby may not be as easy as you think; many available models mean a harder decision to make. Snazzy Baby has designed a model that is lightweight, and can easily be folded! Although the models made by Snazzy Baby is not meant for heavier children, your 3 year old child will most likely not weigh over 30 pounds.

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The B Collection By Eddie Bauer Has An Amazing Portable Car Seat For Travel Because It Weighs Less Than 4 Pounds, And Can Hold Up To 40 Pounds

Eddie Bauer has made a very positive impact on the safety aspect of the baby niche markeEddie Bauer Convertible Car SeatCredit: Amazon.comt because they put all of their products through thorough test to ensure their durability and foolproof components. The B Collection by Eddie Bauer has designed a phenomenal portable car seat for travel; it weighs nearly nothing, and can hold some of the heaviest infants in the neighbourhood. The B Collection is like the safety of the future! One would automatically assume that the durability and ability to carry up to 40 pounds would automatically mean the product would be quite heavy; however, Eddie Bauer has managed to manufacture the product at a mere 4 pounds! Even the most meagre of women have the ability to lug a 4 pound product around!

A Portable Car Seat Would Be Ideal For Mothers With 1 Year Old Children Because They Are Usually Carrying Those ChildrenSafety 1st Go Hybrid Convertible Booster SeatCredit:

There are too many people that are not progressing with our technology, and insist on a portable model being unnecessary; however, it is much more necessary than you can imagine! Children do not usually develop the ability to safely walk without falling until they are about 2 or 3 years old; this means that you will most likely be carrying them around quite a bit at the age of 1. Choosing a portable car seat while you have a 1 year old would give you the great ability to carry around the car seat AND the child absolutely anywhere that you will be going!

A Portable Car Seat Would Also Be Ideal For Mothers With 2 Year Old Children Because They Usually Lug Tote Bags Around With All Of The Accessories

As the children get older they seem to acquire more products to bring around, and also seem to require more products to be brought around with them by their parents. Choosing a lightweight portable car seat to bring around with your 2 year old would be a phenomenal choice because you could simply throw it in the bag with the rest of the things that you are carrying around. There are a ton of models that are foldable, and some that even roll up into a ball! Choosing one of these would easily allow you to simply throw it in the bag with the rest of the stuff!