Switching to a portable ebook reader

Switching from Dead Tree Books (DTBs) to a portable ebook reader can be a daunting task when you look at all the options available in the market place. A portable ebook reader can be a lifesaver if you spend a lot of time traveling on planes, trains or buses. It can also come in handy at a doctor's office or while waiting for your child to get done with a class. Ebook readers are also gaining popularity with troops stationed overseas.

You may wonder why you should purchase an ebook reader if you already have a netbook, laptop or other mobile device at your disposal. The answer is that carrying an ereader is almost like carrying a book that can change into hundreds of titles every time you open it. Portable ebook readers can have a battery life of upto two weeks. If you are a student, you can use wireless connectivity on your ebook reader to purchase text books online and start reading them in an instant.

You can simplify the process of choosing a portable ebook reader by focusing on a few basic features. Companies like Sony, Amazon and Sharp have all come out with their own version of a portable ebook reader. Compare different ebook readers by cost, battery life, special features such as a color screen, ability to purchase ebooks, connect to the internet and utilize multiple file formats.

Costs of ebook readers vary depending on the level of connectivity provided. You can also choose to purchase an older version of a reader on ebay if you are interested in saving money and basic functionality without the bells and whistles of the latest generation ebook reader.

A 3G version of an ebook reader allows you to purchase books from any location and you have access to an internet connections from almost anywhere. It can cost more than a wi-fi version which requires that you be in the vicinity of your home wireless or a hotspot in order to access an internet connection.

Keep in mind that ebook readers are not meant to be devices for general internet surfing. Some portable ebook readers may provide you with the ability to check mail while others may have pre-loaded applications that allow you to play games and write documents among other things. If you already have a smart phone, some of these features won't mean anything to you.

An important point to note is that although devices such as a smart phone or mp3 player may allow you to download and read books, their glossy screens can cause eye strain, leading to a shortened reading experience.

Every portable ebook reader has a different combination of features. The Amazon Kindle has a black and white reading interface with an option for either wireless or 3G connectivity in addition to access to the Amazon Kindle book store. Another version of a portable ebook reader could provide readers with the ability to read on a color screen and connect in to other online booksellers such as Barnes & Nobles for new book purchases. It is important to compare the features of each portable ebook reader side by side and determine all the tradeoffs involved prior to purchase. Determine your cost threshold and your specific needs. Look through the comparison and pick the portable ebook reader that works best for you. You may want to start out by uploading portable ebook reader software onto your computer to get the feel of what the ebook reader will look like.

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