Choosing a small car subwoofer is not always an easy task; there are literally thousands of car subwoofers for sale, and many of them can be classified as being “small”. Small speakers are ideal for compact cars that have small trunks, and even large vehicles with owners that want to retain some trunk space. Some of the most popular subwoofer brands that offer small models are Kenwood, Bazooka, and MTX; all of these brands offer various 8 and 10 inch car woofers that will produce a ton of bass.

One of the common misconceptions when it comes to buying a small car subwoofer is that it will not have as much power as the larger 12 or 15 inch subwoofers. The truth of the matter is that a larger 15 inch model will produce deeper bass than an 8 inch compact subwoofer; however, it is more than possible for an 8 inch car sub to produce 2000 watts of RMS power!

Flat Car Subwoofers Are Small In Terms Of DepthPioneer 10 Inch Flat Subwoofer In EnclosureCredit:

Buying a small subwoofer doesn’t necessarily have to mean buying an 8 inch speaker that doesn’t produce as much bass as you would like! Flat subwoofers are perfect for people that want to retain some of their trunk space while adding a ton of bass to their stereo system. The majority of the flat subwoofers that you will find are either 10 inches or 12 inches so you will still be able to get the deep bass sound that many car audio enthusiasts desire while keeping the majority of your trunk space!

Boss, Pioneer, and Kicker offer flat subwoofers; however, the small car subwoofer that I would recommend is the 10 inch MFW! This 800 watt flat subwoofer is designed to produce frequencies as low as 35hz, which allows it to hit the deepest bass lines in the songs that are coming out of your car stereo! Flat car subwoofers are perfect for the individuals that want to keep their trunk space while improving the bass on their car stereo!

Be sure to check out the WIDE selection of small car subwoofers on Amazon being sold at ridiculously low prices...These woofers will fit in your trunk, and some are being discounted at up to 60% off of their original price!

Lanzar 6.5 Inch 600 Watt Small Car SubwooferLanzar 6.5 Inch Small Car Subwoofer-600 WattsCredit:

Very few people have heard about a 6.5 inch subwoofer for a car; however, they are pretty much the best small subwoofers that you can purchase. Don’t get the wrong idea, they will not produce a lot of bass and will not rattle your trunk lid; they will merely provide some extra clean-sounding bass  to your car stereo.

The best small car subwoofer in regards to the 6.5 inch options is the Lanzar Max Pro 64! Not only does it produce 600 watts of bass, but it also has a 40 oz magnet! The greatest thing about this small sub for your car is that it can be placed in the rear deck of your car with the other speakers. The process will take you about 1 full day, but you must basically cut a 6.5 inch hole into the rear deck of your car, and secure the subwoofer to it with some screws! This will provide you with a clean look for the subwoofer, and will still produce a great amount of low-end bass.

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Bazooka Subwoofer And Amplifier ComboBazooka 8 Inch Amplified Tube SubwooferCredit:

Choosing a specific amplifier to go with a subwoofer is one of the hardest tasks to complete when buying a car stereo; however, the Bazooka line of subwoofers come with built in amplifiers that have been specifically tuned and chosen for the Bazooka subwoofers.

I would highly recommend the Bazooka Big EZ if you are looking for a small car subwoofer that will not take up a lot of your trunk space. The 8 inch Bazooka speaker is fit into an 8 inch tube that literally amplifies the bass tenfold! Although this subwoofer is powered by a measly 50 watt amplifier, it sounds much louder than anything of the same calibre!

Most of the small car subwoofer in the Bazooka series will hit all of the bass notes in the song that you are listening to, regardless of the frequency. The specific Big EZ subwoofer has a frequency response that goes as low as 39hz and as high as 250hz! To top it off, these subwoofers are so small that they can fit underneath the front seats of your car!

There are literally hundreds of choices when it comes to the choice of a small subwoofer for your car. Some speakers are small in terms or depth, others are small in regards to their circumference, and some subwoofers can be mounted into the panels of a car! You should not automatically choose the smallest subwoofer with the most bass because it does not necessarily mean that it will produce good quality sound or won’t blow. Make an educated choice and look at all of the aspects of the subwoofer that you are buying for your car!

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