Whether you are bringing an air mattress on a camping trip, up to the cottage, or simply leaving it in the spare bedroom, it will literally make or break a restful sleep! When it comes to choosing a twin air mattress with a pump, there are a few things that you should keep your eyes open for. Each air bed that you look at will have different features that make it better than the competition; it is simply a matter of sifting through those features to find out which ones suit your needs!

Going Camping? Choose A Twin Air Mattress With A Hand Pump!

I don’t remember seeing any electrical outlets during the last time that I went on a camping trip in the forest! The last thing that you want to do is get caught with a camping air mattress with a built in electrical pump on a camping trip!

It is your safest bet to choose a twin air mattress with a hand pump for your next camping trip. Of course, some camping grounds may offer a few electrical outlets for the campers; however, the majority of the places that you go camping in will require you to “rough it out” without any electrical outlets. Most of the best air mattress brands offer both an electrical pump and hand pump with their air beds. By doing this, they allow their buyers to bring whichever pump is suitable for their trip!

Using Your Air Bed In The Spare Bedroom? Look For A Raised Air Mattress!

Rather than spend over $1000 on a full sized box spring and mattress set for your spare bedroom, you should choose to spend $150 on a raised air mattress. After all, the bed in the spare bedroom does not get used often, so the $1000 that you would have spent on a full-sized bed would be going to waste.

I recommend that you choose a raised twin air mattress with a pump because it will offer enough room for 1 or 2 people to sleep on. In addition, the raised air bed will feel like a regular box spring and mattress because it allows the person to sleep at virtually the same height off of the ground! Buying an air bed for a spare bedroom is a great choice for couples that enjoy camping because they can simply deflate it and bring it along with them on their camping trip!

Bringing Your Air Mattress Up To The Cottage? It Is Advisable To Choose One With An Electric Pump!

Going up to a cottage is all about relaxing, so the last thing that you want to be doing is using a hand pump to fill up the inflatable mattress with air! A twin air mattress with a pump is the perfect choice for a cottage because it can be moved anywhere!

People that own cottages tend to entertain guests often, and may sometimes have more guests staying at their cottage than their bedrooms can accommodate! When this happens, you can simply take out the twin air mattress and allow the guests to sleep on it! As I stated earlier, you should try to choose an inflatable bed with a 12v pump because it could be seen as being rude to ask your guests to use a hand pump to inflate their air mattress!

Above All, Choose The Most Comfortable Twin Air Mattress With A Pump

I know that I would buy a hard twin air mattress that comes with a pump; however, my sister would probably choose a soft one. At the end of the day, everyone’s body responds differently to sleeping on an air mattress, so you should choose the twin air mattress that suits your needs, and the type of pump that suits your needs!

If you enjoy inflating an air mattress with a hand pump, then by all means, buy a hand pump. But if you enjoy watching the air mattress inflate by itself, I would advise using an electrical pump!

There are many options when you are choosing a twin air mattress with a pump to buy; moreover, each of the options has its pros and cons. First and foremost, you should make sure that you feel comfortable sleeping on the inflatable bed that you are buying; then you should make sure that your guests will feel comfortable!


I wish I could tell you to look for a soft twin air mattress with a pump, or simply a hard one; however, the fact of the matter is that everyone’s body is different! While my body may prefer a hard air mattress, yours may want one that is a little bit softer! At the end of the day, your goal should be to choose an air mattress that feels good to YOU and anyone else that will be sleeping on it with you!