In your search to find a decent web hosting company for your business, you've realized that there are endless options. So should you sign on with one of the big names in the web hosting world, or another lesser-known option? In some cases, you'd be surprised to know that the small company is the best web hosting option! Here are some reasons why:

1. Customizable

With the smaller company, you'll often find that the hosting packages available to you are highly customizable. In this way, you'll get exactly what you pay for rather than getting stuck with a ridiculous amount of storage space you'll never touch.

2. Great Support

Do you really think that a call for help to that big company will get you anywhere fast? Probably not. A smaller company will typically provide better customer service because they don't have a massive number of clients to deal with.

Let's look at the Amazon example. AWS offers varied levels of support. While they all come with 24/7 service, white papers and documentation and offer support forums, they each provide a different response time. If you purchase the developer plan ($49/month), Amazon promises to contact you within 12 hours of the initial call for service. Those who splurge for the Enterprise plan pay dearly to be guaranteed a call back from a tech in 15 minutes or less (price is determined by usage, and the lowest price is $15,000/month!) So how quickly do you think they will respond if you choose the Basic, free option? Probably not very quickly.

3. Decreased Down-Time

In keeping with the Amazon theme, let's look at the risk of outages. Although it is unlikely there will be an outage, they can still occur. In July of 2012, storms were to blame for the downtime of Instagram, Pinterest, and Netflix. Months later, in October, AWS experienced an outage of several hours, affecting Pinterest, FourSquare, Reddit, and others.

You won't find these problems as much with local hosting companies. One example: Cervalis, web hosting provider located in New Jersey, has had no issues with servers going down for their 12 years in business.

Go Small!

Can you see that the little guy wins when it comes to the best web hosting provider? Besides the reasons listed above, think about this: a larger web hosting provider won't have the time to get to know the unique needs of your business, nor will they want to devote extra attention to your business when needed. Some small hosting companies will provide a dedicated project manager, someone you can turn to when you run into trouble. The project manager will work to solve your problems immediately, giving you peace of mind. Will Amazon offer that? Nope.

Be sure to research all options available to you, not just the most well-known. Peruse reviews from customers to get a better idea of their reputation. You might be that giant company that needs the big, huge cloud-based hosting solution. Go ahead, choose AWS. More often than not, however, you'll do just fine with the little guy. It all comes down to the simple fact that no one can make the right decision but you. You know what your business' needs are, so as long as you are making a choice with those needs in mind, you can't go wrong!