You may have a hard time finding a wide bottom coffee travel mug because they are relatively scarce in retail stores; however, there are a few other mediums that carry these specific mugs. Even when having a great selection of mugs with wide bottoms, you may not be able to make an educated purchase without the right information. This article is designed to open your eyes to all of the best brands, features, and models of travel mugs with wide bottoms.

I am not saying that you should be studying this information like a textbook; however, it will help you to get the best wide bottom coffee travel mug to support your coffee drinking while you are on-the-go.

Highwave MoJOEmo
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A portable coffee mug may only be a small investment to you; however, you will be using that small investment on a daily basis for the next 3-4 years...your choice of a wide bottom coffee travel mug may be more important than you think!

Stanley Has A Very Durable Wide Bottom Coffee Travel Mug That Holds 18oz Of Liquid!

Stanley is known to make tools, and very durable things to use for a construction job site. The individuals that work in any sort of construction trade will attest to the fact that they should not be bringing any elegant pieces of kitchenware to the job site. All Stanley coffee travel mugs can be dropped hundreds of times and remain fully functional and in-tact.Stanley Wide Bottom Coffee Travel Mug-18ozCredit:

In addition, working in a construction trade is usually physically demanding; this translates to needing more water and coffee. This wide bottom coffee travel mug holds a whopping 18 oz of fluid, which will definitely keep you hydrated for the day; it also has a very wide bottom which makes it really hard to tip over. This portable coffee mug is not the most elegant product that you will find; however, it gets the job done at an affordable price.  Choosing an elegant portable mug might look great; however, dropping it a few times will probably ruin your investment because the mug will break. This Stanley portable coffee mug will protect your investment because it will last a very long time!

Be Careful With This Ceramic Travel Mug-Do Not Drop It Or You Will Lose 16oz Of Coffee

I would not Wide Bottom Ceramic Travel Mug-16ozCredit: Amazon.comnecessarily consider this as being a wide bottom coffee travel mug that is meant for on-the-go people; but rather, I would like to think of this ceramic mug as one that is meant to be carried around the house or office. Over 90% of the travel mugs that you will find will be made out of durable materials such as aluminum and plastic; this is simply because you will inevitably drop the mug sooner or later, no matter how careful that you are with it.

This travel mug being made up out of ceramic makes a bold statement about where it is meant to be used. I would definitely recommend buying this to drink your coffee or juice when you are walking around the house or your office; it looks very elegant and professional.       There is a much smaller chance of you dropping the wide bottom coffee mug when you are traveling around your house or office than when you are carrying it to and from your car twice per day. Simply make sure that you are careful with this mug, and your coffee will not end up all over the floor!

Thermos 16-Ounce Vacuum-Insulated Travel Tumbler, Stainless Steel
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Wide Bottom Coffee Mugs For Him And Her

There is nothing cuter than seeing a husband and wife going for a morning stroll with matching coffee mugs! Sharing a brew of your favourite coffee with a friend or famiTwo Insulated Coffee Travel Mugs For Him And HerCredit: Amazon.comly member is an amazing thing to do, and will definitely bring the two of you closer together. Taking a look at these two mugs will yield a great discovery of their universality; not one wide bottom coffee travel mug is made from a stereotypical male or female color. This means that you can use one of the portable coffee mugs with your brother, sister, husband, wife, or cousin!

What I like about these two wide mugs is that they provide a great balance of durability and elegance. The Stanley wide bottom coffee travel mug that was listed above is very durable but does not look good; the ceramic model is very elegant but not durable at all. It seems like these two coffee mugs for him and her fall perfectly in between being extremely durable and extremely elegant; they are the perfect balance! I would definitely recommend purchasing these two portable mugs as a gift for any couple that enjoys going for walks frequently.

Wide Bottom Mugs Are Harder To Tip Over

When you buy a coffee travel mug with a wide bottom, it is like you are hiring the laws of gravity and force to work for you on a full time basis. The simple fact that the bottoms of the mugs are wider than the tops of the mugs causes them to be much harder to tip! I am not saying that you can throw your hand at the portable coffee mug at full force and expect it to stay standing; however, I am saying that it takes a great amount of force to actually tip over the coffee mug!

18oz Stainless Steel Thermal Insulated Chubby Coffee Mug Cup
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This article is definitely not the complete instructional guide on buying a wide bottom coffee travel mug; but rather, it provides a few brands, models, tips, and tricks that can be used to make an educated purchase. At the end of the day, you will be using this mug to hold your coffee for at least 3-4 years, and that is a lot of times if you drink coffee on a daily basis! Use this information effectively, and there is no doubt that you will have one of the best coffee mugs that you can take with you when you are on-the-go traveling all throughout the city...and better yet, the coffee will not end up on your shirt!