Backyards are meant for playing, gardening, swimming and more. But there are times when you just want to sit back, relax and enjoy the outdoors. Chair specifically made for outdoor environments are the best way to go when choosing furniture for a sitting area. These pieces are designed to resist the wear and tear of the weather. Benches are a stylish way to provide seating to more than one person. Benches go well with other patio furniture or even by themselves under a tree or in a garden. As with most outdoor products, there are many types of benches available on the market.

Plastic BenchesPlastic Bench

Plastic benches are very sturdy and are easy to assemble. Plastic benches require far less maintenance than wood ones because the surfaces do not require treatment. They can come backed or backless and can even have a storage compartment underneath the seat. These storage compartments are a great place to store garden tools and other small outdoor items. Spills and dirt are easy to clean off- simply take a garden hose, spray it off, and let dry. Wood benches can have problems with staining and can be difficult to clean. The components of a plastic bench are made from double-walled, high-strength resin plastic that has been injection molded. These sturdy frames can last many years under typical usage.

Wood Benches

Wood benches are a true classic that have graced backyards and gardens Wood Bench 2for countless years. The natural charm of wood compliments just about any outdoor environment. As with most wood furniture, it should be treated with a wood cleaner and sealant about once a year, especially if it gets direct sunlight or gets rained on a lot. Hardwoods like mahogany have the added advantage of being mold, rot, and termite resistant. The natural oils in the wood make grant an added resistance against these nuisances. Wood benches are heavy, solid structures that can support a lot of weight. A curved seating platform is often preferred over a flat one because it conforms to the body better. A seat cushion spanning the width of the chair provides added comfort and may come built in to the chair.

Metal BenchesMetal Bench

Metal benches have a unique look because they can be bent and molded into curved designs. You will commonly see these benches shaped into garden styles like flowers and butterflies. The metal can be painted to appear rustic and old, or finished smooth for a more modern look. A powder coat of paint is added for protection against rust and for aesthetic appeal. Wrought iron benches may not have this applied because of the nature of the metal.

Bench Ends

Plastic bench ends provide a way for people to build their own benches from a wood of their choice. The system consists of two bench leg ends which provide the structure. Wood Bench Endsbeams are bought and cut to the desired length and attached to the legs. The result is a custom bench of a length and wood type of the user's choice. This is a great piece of outdoor furniture for people who like to build things themselves.