You probably don't have a lot of room for decorating in the bathroom. However, a few bathroom art prints can add a sense of style and even turn your room into a theme room. Prints are perfect because they won't get ruined by the steam. These prints can be whimsical or elegant. Here are a few tips for picking pieces that will work well in the bathroom.

Choose something unexpected. You don't have to hang a picture of a bathtub or a birdhouse in the bathroom. Just treat it like any other room in your home, find a piece that speaks to you. This could be modern art paired with bright colored towels for a contemporary look. You could even make an oversized collage by putting up different frames filled with scrapbooking paper for subtle elegance.

Go whimsical. You can make bolder art choices in the bathroom because it's not open to the rest of the house. You can also turn an ordinary powder room into a kid's room just by the artwork you choose. Look for pieces that have a whimsical air like framing different pictures of rubber ducks.

Forget it's the bathroom. You might be stumped on the accessories just because you don't know what appropriate bathroom art is. You can just continue your design style from the rest of the house. Hang a piece that looks like mosaic tile for a Spanish vibe. For a contemporary space use dramatic black and white photographs.

Use writing on the wall instead of a traditional print. You might just want to hang up a chalkboard or memo board. Your teens probably write on bathroom walls anyways why not at least make it a place that you can clean up afterwards? Another option for artwork in the bathroom is just the use of tile. You could tile all the way up the wall for a neutral effect that is dramatic at the same time. For an elegant or traditional home focus on stone tiles like marble or granite for an opulent feeling. You can also do the same thing by hanging a series of mirrors on the wall for a functional and beautiful look. This will keep your room from feeling cluttered or like it is too cutesy.

Bathroom art prints allows you to add color to your room inexpensively and focus in on a theme. You can even change them out depending on your mood to get a totally different look.