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Choosing Best Brands of RC Planes and Helicopter

There is nothing like the outdoors when it comes to choosing and buying RC planes. There are so many RC plane brands to choose from. For beginners choosing an RC plane can be daunting. You don't know where to start and you are aware that most RC plane retailers are out there to get your money. That is not such a problem because you want to buy the best RC plane either as a gift for your friend or for yourself. What are the best brands to consider when choosing RC planes?

Choosing Best Brands of RC Planes and Helicopter: Air Hogs

Air hogs offer a variety of remote controlled planes, aka RC planes and RC helicopters, RC Jet Set and many more. If you are starting and you are not sure what to buy you will want to consider brands like the Air hogs as you will be able to get spare parts easily. The great thing about Air hogs RC planes or RC helicopter is that they are inexpensive and you will be able to choose from a variety of models that will be ideal for beginners and advanced hobbyist. For example the Air hogs RC helicopter marketed as the Air hogs sharp shooter radio control or RC helicopter only cost about $35. That is an inexpensive price to pay. If you are into UFOs and other flying objects, you can check out the Air hogs RC switchblade transforming stunt flier flyer for a little as $25 at Amazon.

Choosing Best Brands of RC Planes and Helicopter: Hangar 9

Hangar 9 tend to specialize in RC planes rather than helicopters and they have enough products to make any fan go crazy. There are Hangar 9 planes for beginners and those who might consider themselves expect in this domain. Hangar 9 RC planes are not the cheapest but you get what you are willing to pay for. The Hangar 9 is a well known brand in the RC planes world and you should expect to pay about $120 to $400 for the pleasure. The Hangar 9 HAN4425 P-51 Mustang MkII pts RTF will cost you a whopping $400. Why is this Hangar 9 RC plane brand so expensive, well, you should look at the name (Mustang) and that might give you an idea of what you will be getting for that price.

Choosing Best Brands of RC Planes and Helicopter: ParkZone

Parkzone RC plane brand is geared towards beginners who might have limited budget and will like to enter the world of RC planes. That being said, you will still be able to choose from Parkzone RC planes ranging from $30 to $180. That is a price range for entry level RC planes. The reason why this should appeal to beginners is that it offer a wide range of RC planes to choose from and you are buying a brand that is widely available.

Choosing Best Brands of RC Planes and Helicopter: Great Planes

Great planes brand offer fans the possibility of flying their RC planes outdoors or using a simulator. If you don't have a field near where you live and you still want to enjoy the thrill of an RC plane, you can buy the Great planes real flight G5 simulator. This is not a cheap ($180)RC plane flight simulator but at least you can crash your plane as often as you can without worrying about buying a new RC plane. Great planes brand also offers RC planes for entry level fans or for beginners. The Great planes GPMA1200 Escapade is one of the entry level RC planes you can consider when choosing the Great planes brand