There are essentially two types of aquarium you can have in your home. You can either choose between a salt water aquarium or a fresh water one. No matter the choice you make one thing for sure is that having an aquarium in your home is lots of fun. Each aquarium type has its unique benefits as well as requirements and difficulties. It is important that you consider these factors when making a choice of the kind of aquarium you want in your home.

Maintenance of your aquarium
You need to know that the fresh water aquarium is a lot easier to maintain compared to the salt water aquarium. This is due to the fact the fresh water aquarium is easier to keep clean. A salt water aquarium is definitely harder to clean but cleaning should not be the major factor for making a decision.

Cost of acquisition
A salt water aquarium is more expensive than a fresh water aquarium to acquire. This cost of acquisition is not just the cost of the aquarium itself but also the cost of stocking it with fishes as well as other accessories.

Variety of Fish
The salt aquarium enables you to stock a wider variety of fish in your aquarium compared to a fresh water aquarium. This variety enables you to be able to create a living ocean in your house which would be a great delight to your kids and acquaintances alike. The salt water aquarium allows you to add a range of other animal and plant life within your aquarium apart from the fishes.

Time and attention
The salt aquarium is more time and attention intensive compared to the fresh water aquarium. This is a consequence of the maintenance issues that accompany the salt water aquarium.

Rewards and Benefits
Without doubt the salt water aquarium is without doubt more rewarding and satisfying compared to the fresh water aquarium. The variety that the salt water aquarium offers is so outstanding and truly worth all the hassles that might have gone in to keeping the aquarium.

How to make a choice?
It may really be a hard choice choosing what kind of aquarium you want as other facts may affects even the factors I have listed above. Do not rush to making a decision, take your time and make a carefully thought out decision that you can follow through with serious commitment.
Well, I guess it all boils down to choosing the kinds of fish you want and asking yourself if you are capable of providing the right environment for the fish. There is nothing so heart breaking than to find dead fishes in your aquarium. You must realize that in no time it is quite easy to develop some serious attachment to your fish in the aquarium. So choose carefully and do your best to provide the necessary environment that the fish requires. The aquarium is a wonderful addition to any home and really stimulates the interest of children as they grow up serving also as a wonderful teaching tool for learning about our environment and life under water or sea.