Backpack or Messenger Bag

Every year when school begins, and then continues, kids, teenagers, and adults end up suffering from backpack pain when they try shoving all their school and college supplies in, and carrying it. Choosing between a backpack and messenger bag for school can be an easy decision for some, but others are not so sure which wins out. Reading a little bit of information about the backpack and the messenger bag can be a helpful tool in deciding which one to buy.

Backpacks for School/College

Choosing a backpack for college or high school can be a hard choice. Sometimes, it is hard because there are so many backpacks for school to choose from that making a decision is not easy. Too much choice is not always good. Another thing that seems to happen with school backpacks is that kids or adults do not know how to carry them right, so they end up getting backpack pain pretty quick. If you are going to choose backpacks for school instead of the messenger bags then it is important to know how to carry a school backpack correctly. The rule of thumb is that the backpack should be not have school supplies weighing more than 10-15% of the kid, teen, or adult's body weight. Now, it is not likely that you are going to get on the scale every morning to see if the backpack meets this weight criteria, but it is really important that you figure out an approximation because it will help in the long run. If you have backpacks for kids then it is important that you fix their backpack. School backpacks for kids are better if they have wide shoulder straps. Whether they are boys backpacks or girls, they should be worn with both straps. If this is a college backpack then make sure to put the heaviest books closests to the back. This way you are getting better back support when you carry your backpack full of college supplies.

There are many to choose from like the Jansport or North Face backpacks. Those are very well made backpacks and long standing brands. You can also skip the school backpack and choose the messenger bag instead.

School Messenger Bags

Although you can comfortably use a backpack if it is the right size for the body, pulled tight, and not overpacked, it is still tempting to carry it wrong. To prevent backpack pain you can use a messenger bag for school instead. Messenger bags are worn over the shoulder instead of on the back. The messenger bags have been used for many years for the sole purpose of delivery with speed and comfort. If you think about the bike messengers who zoom around New York and other places with the messenger bags on their back, they use those over the shoulder messenger bags for a reason.

There are many different styles of messengers bags, whether they are kids messenger bags, girls messenger bags, messenger bags for men, leather messenger bags, and all sorts of other types. The messenger bags, depending on size, may not pack as much as the backpack, but that is not always a bad thing. It really just depends on what you need. If you try to put all of your books and classroom supplies for college in there then it is likely you would be over the weight for a messenger bag or backpack. The thing to remember when you are choosing between a messenger bag or backpacks for school is that it is individual. Maybe you need to choose a messenger bag and a backpack. A lot of college students do not have to take their textbooks to class every single day. So, maybe you have a backpack for the classes that require the books, but you carry your laptop messenger bag on other days.

Messenger Bags or Backpacks

Choosing between messenger bags or backpacks for school depends on your needs. No matter which one you choose it is important to not put too much stuff in it because then you willl end up lugging around a big old heavy bag. When you are packing your bag for school just remember to pack what you need to have in class. Backpacks and messenger bags are often stolen at high schools and college campuses, so be sure to keep yours in sight, especially if you have your laptop, voice recorders, smartphones, and other school supplies in it. People look to steal these bags because students keep so much in them. Beware, but enjoy your school backpack or college messenger bag.