Christmas dinnerware sets are a chance to really celebrate holiday meals. At first, you might not think that you'll get a lot of use out of them but really think of how you entertain. Usually you only really make fancy dinners around the holidays so having china especially for the holidays really does make a ton of sense.

The other option for Christmas dinnerware sets is to really go with a pattern. In this case, you can just find a lot of typical holly berries, or even a Santa Clause depending on how elegant you want your table to look. You might just want to give your kids coordinating dinnerware that's made out of plastic instead of fine china. This way they can also enjoy a holiday table but you can protect your more expensive pieces.

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Casual Dining

The other option is just to mix and match items so that you get that holiday look without really shopping in the holiday section which can save you a lot of money and also make sure that you have a unique table. In this case, you can just venture out into a lot of beautiful reds and white. For a modern Christmas table try a red and white damask plate. Then you can coordinate it with all of the other white plates and bowls that you might already own. You can always just change up just one plate for different seasons, but it can also work for your everyday table.

12 Days of Christmas Dinnerware

Formal China

One thing that you might want to consider when choosing Christmas dinnerware sets is just to go with metallic tones. You could start off with a gold or silver charger plate. Then you could incorporate a lot of the china that you already have. This could even have a gold frame on it. This allows you to really get a new look on your dinnerware quite inexpensively. Plus, since this is so different than the typical red and green color palette that is associated with Christmas you can get a lot of use out of these pieces. They're going to be elegant instead of just themed. You can even find silverware that is going to have gold or goldplated accents. This might not be dishwasher safe but it does give you a very opulent look for the holidays. You can also find crystal with a gold rim or just pair it with whatever crystal goblets that you might already have.

Just the type of tree that's on your plate is going to determine the level of formality. A vintage looking Christmas tree that kind of has the effect of an old postcard or painting is really going to be very elegant. You could also get a more youthful look just with a brighter green tree. A more modern style tree will just focus more on interesting lines or even dots to form the silhouette but it really isn't going to be bound by the red and green color palette and it's also going to use a lot of dots or squiggly lines.