Kitchen islands have really become a mainstay instead of a luxury. This means that you should pay proper attention to the function of your kitchen bar stools. Since kitchen islands do take up so much space you might not even have a proper eating area. Instead, this can really be a workstation or just an area where your kids eat breakfast. You can really get a seamless design throughout your entire kitchen just by choosing the right bar kitchen stools for you.

One thing that you can really consider going with is going to be a version without a back. This can be your least expensive option. However, you will need to consider who is sitting in these chairs. If it's just for kids this is probably fine but for a lot of adults they will need a little bit of back support, but they usually won't hang out at the island for hours and hours.

You can really just update the basic oak stool. This is going to seem a little bit cheesy and inexpensive. A great way to do this would be just to paint it. This is going to be the least expensive option that you can find. It's also going to be the most predictable. You could have a lot of fun with this just by painting each barstool in a different neutral shade or just bring in a fun beach inspired color palette with a lot of blues or pale greens.

You can also really just stick with backless stools that use natural materials that you don't see everyday. This may have a rattan top but these might have weight limits to it. Rattan is something that we are seeing a lot of in everything from the tropical, traditional, contemporary, and even the country design styles. In this case it can just have a painted wood piece that can relate back to all of your cabinets. The wicker should also be a little bit darker instead of more of a natural kind of finish.

Another thing that's really important to consider when going with counter kitchen stools is to make sure that it still matches the rest of your furniture. If you have an eat in kitchen then you might want to go with wooden kitchen stools that are going to relate back to your dining room chairs for cohesion. They can be in a Windsor style. It makes a lot more sense to just go with more of a classic kind of design style. This means that you can really match the new furniture to the old furniture no matter when you bought it. A great option for this would be the Windsor style chair which can be very casual in feeling so it's very appropriate for counter kitchen stools.

This is also an area where you can have a lot of fun with your decor. You might just want to experiment with chrome stools. This can have more of a vinyl top if you want a retro feeling. It can be something that is going to really match a lot of stainless steel appliances that you have but just adds a slightly fun element into the space. If you're after more of a modern look then it can have a sculpted plastic version. It should be in a bright, fun color such as orange or red.