All kids seem to like electronic toys and they are suitable for all age groups. Hi-tech toys have advanced so much in the technology they use that they are now affordable and ideal for kids of any age. Even babies can have electronic toys as even many mobiles for cribs can be computerised!

However the types of toys we usually associate with computerisation are robotic and interactive toys and parents may be overwhelmed by the choices available and unsure which ones are best for their child. We'll look at some electronic toys for younger children in this article and see which of these toys are suitable and good value as well as looking at their educational value.

Let's start with infants. There are a number of toys suitable for this age range. A favorite of ours is the Fisher-Price Learn and Sing Teddy Bear. It is a lovely cuddly teddy bear with an educational emphasis. The paws have sensors which each do something different when pressed by the child. One paw sounds out the letters of the alphabet, another numbers, another shapes and the fourth plays music. At the same time a screen on the bear's tummy shows the appropriate letter, number or shape.

Another toy suitable for children from six months is the Little Touch LeapPad. This toy is designed to be used by a parent or older sibling with a child and consists of Interactive books and activity cards that do a number of things as they are touched. There are three modes, rhythms and short phrases, music and early learning rhymes. Each page has multiple activities for example one page asks the child to press on the butterfly and rewards them with a tune when they so this. More books are available so your child will never get bored!

Once your child is a little older there are many different computerised toys to choose from. One that we like is the LeapFrog Text and Learn. It gives kids practice in sounds and letter names and they can text their puppy pal Scout and check Scout's planner. Kids love to pretend they have a Blackberry just like their Mom's! They'll learn how to use a QWERTY keyboard, a required skill these days. The LeapFrog Learning Path website has more customised learning ideas.

Another toy that you may consider for a young child is a laptop just like Mom and Dad's. There are many to choose from but we especially like the Vtech Tote and Go Laptop. Although there are other toy laptops that look more like the real thing this one is brightly colored and appeals to younger kids. It is very durable and can take a lot of abuse. It has lots of educational activities and is great for teaching letters and numbers. Each button is more complex that appears at first with more than one activity.

Electronic toys are great for kids and educational and they'll have loads of fun while they learn their letters and numbers!